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Welcome back to season. Two of jury duty the trial of robert durst. I'm your host carryanne. Solis and i'm joined by my co host. Britney bookbinder on monday august sixteen robert durst took the stand for the fourth day of dicta guarantees direct examination. After much anticipation the jury finally heard robert durst version of events on december. twenty third. two thousand. The night he claims to have found. Susan berman's body because of this highly anticipated testimony. We're going to report on the day's events in two parts. I in this episode. We'll take a look at robert durst account of his actions at susan. Berman's benedict canyon drive home. And at what he testified. He did in the hours after he fled the house. We'll also examine the incongruities in his story when compared to statements. He's made in past interviews. That's coming up after the break. Hi i'm lisa. And i'm kate the host of pants and we are also stars from the word generation. Q two jobs jobs that we love dearly. so who doesn't love friends becoming lovers and xs becoming friends in friends xs becoming lovers. I wouldn't say like that in my personal life boy. Do i like to watch that. On television. this season the l. Word is serving up new drama with humor. Heart and a little heartbreak. Sounds good to me. i'd watch that. Yes sign me up honestly. It's hot sex. Cold shoulders warm hugs. He knows what you're gonna get the older generation q. Is now streaming only on showtime on thursday of last week. Dicta garin left the jury. With a cliffhanger. When judge wyndham adjourned the proceedings for the day durst had just described cruising down sunset boulevard and turning onto benedict canyon. Drive heading towards. Susan berman's house on monday morning to garin picked up where he left off with robert durst arrival at fifteen twenty seven benedict canyon. Drive and as you got there. What did you first see. I cars part house. So i couldn't have been the i wait gets a car been. Did you recognize the cars that were parked in the driveway. Oh and you were in your Ford durst voice was strained yesterday morning as the day wore. On however he appeared to regain his shrink durst began by describing parking his car and making his way toward the house when he got to the front door. He said there was something waiting for him. So you pulled your car parallel into the driveway and got off of benedict canyon. The right in what did you do. Walk sow worse door. I lock when thirty. One dorm see pisa. Pay grew attached to a front door or when you saw that piece of paper what did you next. Do i walk forward. Confront born on the base pay grew. What did yes. What did the piece of paper say it said. Bobby i am doing my walk. Be back now. what did you think i taught. Well she got a weapon. How her vo meeting she background soon. Or maybe even sure and also she could've gloves five minutes eating. I have to wait at how. So what did you next do. Abou- the watch rang. The dell barreling bow lines not the few garin drilled down on what i was able to see from where he was standing right now. We've seen some photographs of Some seen photographs so of where when you're standing at the front door. What could you see without opening the door. Wow strain bedrooms.

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