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Mario oh oh shit them. Didn't you ending anita soundbite. London bison semi bat. Look you're going to a fucking meet. That i pal i need that right. Die audio right now please. I need that for ru. No i didn't even remember like after the fight. Like i'm obviously i remember saying that but like it was like after fi like all that was gone. You know what i'm saying and then to have that play bat. That was hilarious. Llaneras boston you demand. But i want you to understand like for those people that are trying to minimize it for you right. Look at the the quickness that that was made you know what i mean. A community member felt so good about your wind. Remember that episode. First of all the go run that whole meet pounding sound by then he added the sonic boom mash. I'd have to learn the runs box. And do fisher official official before we move onto the next car. Let me get to one of these stupid. Chad's we got bo in bamut says bishop to were no to cao's pound-for-pound bishop is a killer. You know there's not much you can say ma'am bishop is achilles very shop and Accurate and yemen. People need to be careful except in a fight listen. Jason wanted all the smoke that he got. He talked a great game and he vowed to come back. That's what was important. Shot out to jason. But let's keep it down the line before show kit in mario. It was actually jason and bishop bright. Was that the order. Because i got old. 'bout she i know we had the slide in. I wanna say you're right though. It was jason bishop bishop. Okay so let's go to jason bishops. That was the co main event. Even though i'm feeling like maybe tank and rivera was the co main event. No that definitely wasn't that was like the last fight before it got dark before intermission. So sir bishop of california a forty seven or forty eight years old. Now you know took on jason hot seat. Thirty seven years old of wisconsin and Bishop was just too much He has that combination down pack. I think for anybody that's going to be trouble. you know. Because he obviously repetition and that's the number one thing in boxing is just repetition. Do it over. And over and over and over again. And bishop he's obviously practice that move so much that he's mastered it he's mastered. He's forty seven years old. He does it to fluidly the minute he came out and you know you see does his little bike. I'll know what you call the head movement. He got like some sort of li- added to so he's like moving but not traditional for boxing is more like an attitude like man. I'm too cool for you. And then he has that right jabs south pole hand out. And he's and he's just sticking out but then he goes like soon as you want wanna jab he he paulie hammerfest your hand down. And then pops the jeb. So it's like pop down or or like letterman to say why tomorrow and then talk to me nest now. We talked to you real quick when you south they call it. At tying up the jan hand it s what core didn't do last night. That's why he had problems. Stop my man if you watch rob versus slowly. He had his hand out like this to keep the tie his job hand up and it forces the other fighter to throw the right hand so that leaves them with one weapon. The shukor didn't do that last night. He kept his job hands so close and the south quad is the best job in boxing. We'll clemens taught me that. So when you keep part at jab like that you keep them at bay. You know what i'm saying. And then when they thought that right you slip and step to your left and crack pernille whitaker but you gotta notaro's tricks and do that. So that's why people don't know that far as like amateur boxing. You gotta tie up the man when you south pole mario. You fight orthodoxy. Softball southpaw. we were both southpaws in there. Yeah you don't use your job much better. Get them tips from man. But bishop i think he does it because of his height so he he's usually over top of his opponents jabs so he's smacking down and then as soon as he makes contact or at least that that movement of smacking your jab hand down and punching. He's already throwing a jab at you and already positioning a whip the left hand. And then he's killing the right hook overtop and creates velocity with a lot. A lot of talk. He's he is. Yeah i was. I was ringside. I can hear him like this motherfucker. At forty seven years old is a natural born killer and due to be careful you know is no zone this point. You know what i'm saying. He's to shop like real hot seat. Where the left to the body. He literally folded like launch. They called it a low blow. I can't contest whether it was or wasn't because hot seats back was to me so when he folded you know i got the rear end and it was like you know. I don't know that shit hotseat took every bit of the five minutes shot out the him. We watch boxing over and over and over needs. Do do not take those five minutes. When they given impossible little blow he took that whole five minutes and he kept going. I thought he was getting a quick so against sat out the him showing that he was a fucking warrior. His wife was in the building so him she came up to now i'm seas a manual fight in front of your wife is tough. It's tough man. And i ain't china. Hey all that bullshit do how could do i wait till you get popped all in the face and finally a girl see how you're gonna feel you then you now. You want to overreact. That's what i liked about you yesterday. You had patients but sticking to the topic. Bishop assist to shop at this point. I don't even know what he does because this was a challenge. He he down in weight. I think he weighed in like one eighty right. Yeah no listen i. It's so easy to be a fan of this dude. He is like you talk to him. And he's like just this nice humble you know saw spoken dude who just seems to be a real thinker methodical and then he gets in the ring and he's like joe he's for real like dr frankenstein and his monster. My man is a doctor outside the ring and he is a monster inside super dangerous with all his net with his natural build. You know he knows how to use what god gave him. You know what i'm saying like. He creates torque. The way that i've seen fighters with long arms create torque like i don't he doesn't have heavy arms. He doesn't he's not you know this rip thought do but he knows how to use his body in a way that creates i mean honestly like the best way i can think about it from like an athletic standpoint is like pitchers you know pitchers have mechanics and they could be tall and skinny or short and fed doesn't matter their mechanics. Help them to whip the ball in. That's what my man does bishop uses. His mechanics is skill. set to whip his punches. In a way that creates torque and velocity that makes him such a bigger puncher than he would seem to be. He's a monster dr grill. Yeah man we got a gentleman. Drive-ins club which is saw mission. Impossible jones man dude. You know it's it's hard to really understand when the next one is going to be because this one set the boss. Ohio men just huge. Thank you to. Adrian rohan For for seeing the vision and you know put in his neck on the line with his. You know partners over there with tom and george monterey you know who's running for mayor so of you in the wisconsin area mega had an and get that man of vote he he's trying to change shit and watertown That being semi just shot out the gym. But this is. This shit is next level men. And even sean man you know. Even sean feels that both sean had to fans come to the fight. Love that he did not invite that he did not know that he met somewhere in watertown..

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