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A connection. Nancy, hardy NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. Construction, crews now are reconfiguring the work zone. It Jane burn interchange. The Sakaba department of transportation says the reconfiguration requires partial lane and ram closures early this morning in order to be set up. The inbound Eisenhower expressway at Damon will be reduced to one lane by one AM today while Rams to the outbound Kennedy. Dan, Ryan and I to be wells drive will all close at various points until five AM today. C dot says the new construction is necessary to complete the new inbound pavement between Racine avenue and halston street. You can sign up for regular news updates and breaking news alerts, WBZ, NewsRadio dot com slash alerts. WBZ news time, twelve oh. Eight traffic and weather together on the ages, we say, good morning to kneel fear Reto morning, Roger and happy Monday. All we'll get to more formation Rogers you alluded to about the Eisenhower and just omitted here. The expressway that looks great either side, the Kennedy coming in just twenty five O'Hare out the junction. It's a twenty minute ride to the expressway. Lanes closed off until five the O'Hare extension. I will ninety that looks good. Now, the Eisenhower is heavy from western pass Damon. Thirty four minutes in from route three ninety Twenty-one for Mannheim, it's two left lanes closed past AME into the burn interchange. Until one crews are working on a new Wayne, configuration to last throughout the summer who's also alternating closures on the outbound Kennedy and the Dan, Ryan ramczyk until five entrance ramp from Ashland also blocked off. So you may want to stick with either the Kennedy coming into downtown or the Stevenson over on the Stevenson you look good thirty minutes either way between three fifty five at lake shore drive. No worries on I fifty five through well county, the Dan Ryan coming in, that's heavy from Roosevelt. Nineteen minutes from ninety fifth downtown no worries on fifty seven or the Ford and lakeshore drive. Looks good to the toll as we go with a tristate to ninety four is quiet. So it was Jane Addams, I ninety and the Ronald Reagan eight no issues on the Veterans Memorial tollway, three fifty five or route fifty three and three ninety looks great. So does I eight. Through Joey yet and eighty ninety four through west Indiana. The road work continues on the Indiana toll road in spots between ninety four and the West Point toll it traffic and weather together on the every ten minutes. News Radio seven eighty five point out FM the WBZ AccuWeather forecast early this morning. Mostly cloudy skies, a low of fifty two later today. Mainly cloudy,.

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