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Really broke boundaries in terms of being deal during his in his day wasn't like everything in so cal was named after Roy Rogers or Dale Evans yeah exactly well I was telling you guys during the break that the town that I grew up in had Roy Rogers house his ray and she was a big part of making that town so well what happened where did you grow up in a town called apple valley California apple valley California and he had a ranch yet house there that house later kind of got turned into a community center kind of venue and I played music there multiple times Serena wins that can you play music at Roy Rogers house yeah but not for Roy Rogers well was sent last one yeah it was cool and all that the streets and the library was all named Dale Evans libraries that and that he also had a restaurant to I don't know if you remember that yeah franchise restaurants and yeah very very popular yeah they were yeah they were ahead of their time they saw it all right over one hundred movies really yeah you know in his real name wants to no I don't Leonard Franklin slide so I think Roy Rogers was a good move I think so I don't go action protect Leonard sly or Roy Rogers we gonna ride a horse with that all right thank you so much for the students okay well Hey is it here that near the end I mean it was for better or work he got out he's out moon come like Harris has been asked if she's going to finish in the top three in Iowa her response may surprise you and then what she said about the chances of a black woman becoming president also tictoc teenagers love it security experts are quite concerned about the company in China that owns it we're gonna have that story coming up at six forty five and we've got all your news headlines straight ahead see.

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