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Really see any tire tracks being made by the cars. That's how bad the conditions are got off on the Wadsworth found a stall big rig truck, this guy just can't move up the hill. And so he's getting out and he's putting chains on his truck on Wadsworth and his people. Go up and down the hills. Here those ups a lot of people having trouble getting up those hills in Lakewood, Jerry, bell, KOA NewsRadio dots. Eric Michael says they've got a lot of plows out right now. Our plows are hard at work and trying to mitigate this as much as possible and CBS four is David Miller says the storm will stick around through tomorrow morning. Here's what we're expecting still a winter weather advisory Oliva down the front range and the northeast about two to five inches here. In denver. Moore's you, go up into the foothills two to six boulder up into Fort Collins and about one to four as you go along I seventy six out to fort Morgan and sterling way out there. The snowstorm is. Causing so many problems that state government offices in the Denver metro area are closing early today. They've actually closed just about two minutes ago, all state facilities. Essential to public health and safety will however stay regular operating schedules. Essential personnel will maintain the regular schedules. But state Colorado. Offices in Denver. And the surrounding suburban counties will be closing. That's an addition to Adams county government offices closing at two thirty and you can assume nearly all the metro area. Police jurisdictions are on accident alert KOA NewsRadio will continue to bring. You traffic updates? Every fifteen minutes during the Mandy Connell show. A United Nations report is warning the Islamic state terrorists are still the main in best resource terror threat report also saying that Al Qaeda remains resilient and active in many regions of Iraq and Syria. But the president is insisting US military efforts are paying off in the fight against terrorism used the internet brilliantly. But now, it's not so brilliant. And now the people on the internet that used to look up to them and say. How wonderful and brilliant. They are not thinking of them as being so brilliant because they've been decimated. The secretary of state Mike Pompeo saying earlier today. United States must recommit to permanently defeat. Islam estate militants Wall Street closing negative today. The Dow losing twenty one points the s&p five hundred off six the NASDAQ down twenty-seven our next news updates at two thirty. And of course, we've got traffic updates at two fifteen right here on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one.

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