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Today. My guest here on the Steve off to show is none other than some moa. Joe samoa? How are you? Niche. Oh, man. I'm still very honored right now. Dude where you calling from today, we're sitting in Los Angeles. I know, you know, from Huntington beach yacht here, but where you at right now. Yeah. Well, actually, we just we just shifted over. It's a it's at school time. So we're back out here in our east coast based in Tampa. And then we can try to we try to stay in Kelly half the year not here in Florida after year, but they were out here in Florence been watching Donahue matches starting last night. And of course, you know, how follow you on Twitter and vice versa. You can follow Joe Twitter to on some o- at Samoa Joe and put over your work several times, dude, wh when I was talking to you kept it down before we started talking about doing this show. I said man who trains you, and you mentioned the cat named Cincinnati red. I had not heard of Cincinnati red. Now is he from Cincinnati. Or is he from Cleveland, tell me about this cat from the San Fernando Valley out in California. Guard known. Now, you one of those journeyman pro wrestlers, you know, you know, made it out there on the scene a lot of work down in Mexico, and then back and forth. And because of that, you know, you had a lot of Lucia training a lot of different training. So I mean, you know, use largely responsible for like a lot of the agility and of jobs, and you know, a lot of the technique that he is now just 'cause you don't wanna start on the foreign there. There was a lot of asking around Californian if you wanted to work, especially tonight, started, you know, you have the head out of the border, and then go catch some which you work in you know, it's kind of a spree by with whatever you could. So I mean, you know, that that experience definitely helped great cat. You worked in US w for half a minute. And you know, he out not gain the accolades, but he was a hell of a trainer and how the guy book me in the right way and took on the road with them. And I mean, it was just it was experience. Great, dude. Well, did what you did you break in the business ninety nine ninety nine broken ninety nine. And I mean, like I said it was just doing little Lucia shows what a weekend thing, though, I was really planning on making a career out of it. It was more. I was kind of. To to to doing judo. And they asked me, hey, we got arrested class guys renting Jim out in the afternoon can do it. And you know, I I did it workout right, Doug. It weakened worth. And next thing. You know here have. Check it out. So you start doing some judo? How far did you go to that? And what other sports did you participate in high school or growing up? You know, some small in football. This kind of a religion in and of itself took a lot of Simone. So you don't play football dead amateur for little bit. But gio. I did up until probably I saw her playing football sixteen years old. I was California state junior chance. And I mean, I still love the sport. I still try to keep up with it. And catch a Spar you once in a while and get in their all round guys. And, you know, find out if I still got what I had that fan. So I mean, I it's it's a lot of fun Manjit. So what made you fall into what made you what made you fall in love with the business of professional wrestling. When did you decide, hey, this is what I'm gonna do? I it really came down to just something that I knew I was comfortable with. I mean before I ever stepped foot ring up my parents under big parties dance troupe, and we toured all over the world. Now, you know, my my first crib with a show trunk. Let's play my mouth. So has she keeps it, and you know, my dad wasn't a big proponent of. Daycare. You know, you don't want. Nobody else raising kids gonna ratings kids. He's themselves. Right. What?.

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