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10 48 way of traffic and weather on the A. C and Crawford in the traffic center to 70 South bound in Maryland, is where we start near Watkins Mill Road with the work zone in place to right lanes blocked there. Not much delay getting past. It now was a lot worse earlier, but better now. 95 no reported delays between the Beltway's BW Parkway. North bound collar finds very sluggish traffic north of 1 97 heading toward 1 75. By the time you get to the third lane, it thins out, but no apparent cause for the slow Nothing but expect the delays North bound passing Laurel on 50 across the Bay Bridge. No reported delays. All travel lanes available. The Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge doing alternating traffic across the bridge for the mid day work zone, however, on the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge route for that has been reopened both lanes of traffic as the disabled vehicle has been clear from the roadway back to Montgomery County on Damascus Road south of Route 94. That's Annapolis rock road. Serious crash earlier on, this is now an investigation. Sadly, this one was a fatality. This one will be in place for a while. Between Annapolis Rock Road and Long Corner Road Damascus Road. Nothing happened at all travelling had been blocked in the District Suitland Parkway. Still a mess between Stanton Road in Alabama Avenue with Crash activity this likely an investigation as well. And all lanes blocked in both directions on the Suitland Parkway on the Virginia side, 95 North bound still sluggish, coming out of Newington, heading to and through the Springfield Interchange work Zone over on their Ah mobile work crew over on the right side is the culprit there. The Prince William Parkway, both directions there. Suddenly, Manor Road had a report of the crash. New crash reported. Prince William Parkway, both directions with caution near Hoadley rode Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red Ian Crawford. W T OBY traffic. All right, We've got a warm one heating up today. Already Chuck Bell. Yeah, warm Indeed. I'd like to know what your threshold for hotties it's going to be a similar today..

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