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He's crazy old phones now. I think it was. It was his nokia. it was called. It was like a candy bar and it was this little plastic phone and it was Bright yellow and i think the back had fallen off and It was it was. It was great because it just kept going kept doing it but it was it was it was a little bit of a wreck that phone but i think i finally managed to text her. You know like Have friends in truck Base of bridge will wait. We'll we'll find you whatever and it but it was a tense few hours you know. And so we finally found her and then we're all in the truck and we were all starving. 'cause it was later in the day at that point and we ate. I feel like we ate at mcdonalds and it was a weird thing because that's not really someplace we ate but it was it felt very For lack of a better term jingoistic like we. It made us feel like america like. Oh what's happening. We'll eat at mcdonalds. That'll make things. It didn't make it better. But and then You're glued to the television really and trying to take it all in in contacting relatives who aren't in the city and no you are in the city That another mad rush of people calling texting you. Okay is everything. okay. No it's not i As i said i saw i worked at the new york times and i couldn't get into the city that day because they closed off all the bridges and everything the trains and everything shut down But when i finally was i think it was the next day that i was able to get into the city and i was talking to somebody about this recently that i worked something like thirty five straight days like every single day and these are long shifts too because it just the amount of information the amount of images in just everything that were coming through our pipeline to get out to other papers across the world was was massive and I feel like the way i got into the city. If my brain is right is. I rode my bike up over. The queen's was fifty fifty first street bridge fifty four th street fifty seven th street. There's a bridge up there. That i went across the the fifty ninth street. Bridge the queensboro bridge Kind of near long island city kind of over. I don't know. But that's what it is. So i was able to ride across my bike and get to the times building and Basically to stay there and my experience is slightly different from a lot of people. Everyone's experiences different obviously but being in that building and being so tied to the news and all the images that are coming in And many images that couldn't be published or couldn't be send out for print or anything Was intense and it really kind of messed my brain up. Because i'm seeing things that are truly horrific and Then also doing it every single day it meant. You didn't have a second to really kind of take a breath or bounce back or Anything like that and Yeah it was just constantly being exposed to these things Speaking of exposed in this is a really terrible thing In the city and this was for a while there was it it was basically smoke But it felt like near the smog or whatever but it was this pervasive ever-present Just white ish cloudy. I dunno for that. Was there for a while but much worse than that even was The smell the burning You know The electrical burning this the building Burning metal and glass and whatever and it that hung in the air for a long time and It's weird. I think it was like a week or two ago. There was a fire and it was probably like ten miles from my house. Eight ten miles but it was an industrial fire. And it was i was. I was walking to get the kid at school or something like that. And i got hit by this smell and you know they always say that smell is one of the most powerful triggers of memory or whatever but man. That smell hit me. And i was. I was right back and That it was it was. I don't know it's. I don't know how you do but the way i i. I like to experience things sometimes. I'll take a step back. And i'll look at how experienced things and i'll try to figure out how experiencing them and why am experienced human that way and maybe why. My brain is thinking of x. Y. and z. And why banjo loves to bark. Every time i'm doing a podcast like these are just things that i think of. And that's okay But yeah it was twenty years ago and it. It still weighs heavily On my heart and on my mind and Every so often depend. Like you know if i am thinking about something or whatever like i can definitely still i get A little get upset by the whole thing. I've you know as i should Was a terrible day It was a. It was a day that i think a lot of change in the world and not not for the better certainly But that's for another day speaking of another day really quick. I want to address last podcast. I had a song and Some people got very worried about me. They were like are you okay. It sounds very sad. It sounds very ominous and It was not my intention. I was i was kinda trying to. I don't know if you've ever seen willy wonka movie the first of the original one. But there's a there's a scene where wonk is on a boat kind of thing in the chocolate river with all the kids and he singing this song and it also is pretty ominous. Also if i'm if i'm to be honest but dow was kind of like i was trying to try to capture that in a way and i made the song up on the spot so there was no intention analogy behind it. There is no like. I'm gonna sit down and write out this sad. You know skit. Wherever i so i apologize if it if i made any one Upset or.

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