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My goodness, the with before each show Nana Egans. Guys morning. Mr Bookish. This sounds very trap E. So we're in a delegate Lee Walker away from delegate No delegate. I mean, You know the show now? I'm not saying the wrong problem. Yeah, all right. A lot about Alarm about saving versus Bella Jack. Who wins Who we rooting for Andrew Bogus. Um, I think my answer is the same in both categories in this one. I think, Bill, I think Bella check is scrappy. ERM I actually fight dirty. Eyes tougher. I think slightly more so than saving in general and I would want him to win. So give me Billa's the winner and as my my favorite in this matchup as well, Wow. I could not agree more. This breakdown of the fight itself like I think Bill is the scrappy, You're meaner fighter. He's got like those weird big, you know, forearms and knuckles. I think he could really land some some haymakers on coach saving, but I would definitely be rooting for coach saving I mean, I love that man. I would not want to get beat up. I'm gonna split the difference. I'm rooting for saving. And I think I think he wins that. Maybe because when I interviewed in the first time he had, like a remote control to close the door and we're in darkness and was a very god. I hate everything about the cat, right. He was like a very god and I'm just afraid of him. I'm just afraid of him. His village. It's been nice to me. I think so. I haven't been in a fight a long time. And I'm not a tough guy. I'm not. But you know, from those college days in those stupid days, you can sometimes just tell when someone's tough by their eyes like they go to the crazy eyes. You're like. Oh, I made a mistake here. Savings..

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