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Visit someplace where it's clear the person has a crush on you, they give you this point give you a rose and coffee, and you met you say, hey, I'm not interested. But you still keep going on. You know, it is it is. I don't like that black man. Would you like his black coffee? Don't you go into every morning? I did not like her man did not like her in the people. You do want to like besides the ones that are obviously likable with is Frank. A Mari heart was care to people wanna like, they're not even characters a her friend, amber Riley. She's just ridden. She's she's a non character. Sure. That generic lead actors lead actress best friend, but even worse like she could be the voice of reason. But she's hardly cared. She just there to get the main get the main care to talk about her story. He's like like she's pretty much comes up girl. Tell me some exposition. No, she's not even the funny fat friend. No, she's just, hey, so so the orders knows about the movie talk to me like while. So she's just pretty much asked give me back store. Oh. Aren't we friends that we hang out with their field? Nothing about her life. This poor girl. She really is the ignored fat-free. Like Cheeto could goddamn thing about homely. Everything good. Tell me that last night. Once you ask her about her. I'm sure I leave the room, she doesn't exist. Exactly. No. She does not so girl. Let's talk about the promotion. Good to talk about the project. What did they say? Oh, girl had he feel when you told him that suspect in a moment. But hey, wait a minute. What the fuck you never asked about me. Fucking gone. But the one the one that just man win the. The one who just came in and crushed any possible enjoyment. Could ahead out of this movie. Is your girl Tiffany haddish, man? Tiffany haddish came in. Oh, yeah. Tiffany haddish came in his movie, and she any any chance I had even slightly enjoying this film. She just came in. So they fuck you. She just. Came at the dog this man. I. Here's the thing. I love Tiffany haddish. I think Tiffany haddish is as talented as everybody says. And I think you with the right projects and whatnot. It's good. But now and see nice cool. I liked the movie, but I did say I liked her because somebody directed her to act. Gotcha. Now, Tiffany haddish got that she's reached that point of fame where she can now live in in Tyler Perry. Let's go in with Adler. If she just comes in screeching every scene. She comes more. You talked about how she was screaming everything everything she comes in. Yeah. Yeah. I know you. Fuck like really want to shut the fuck up. Just one one quiet line one come in and say Hello how walk novice Gabby. How you doing? Oh shit. I'm gonna headache from this movie. It was killing me, man. There's some people who like that. Because you know, they like that kind of humor, but she was queuing cousin. Meagre asked me on a screen wasn't people talking behind me, then they were talking loud. Should it might have been Tiffany? Got you semi movie funny. Two girls. They're just talking. It was okay. Maybe that movie was that was practically empty, so they wouldn't even bother me. It can drift us kick. Somebody My out. if Tiffany haddish on screen talking louder. This bitch on screen is too late. Now. Yeah. Man. Oh, she was killing me, man. She was killing me. You don't believe me everything the movie? Tiffany haddish is talented. She's funny. But she's like she's like Kevin Hart. Yeah. And they wanna move together. She's Kevin Hart is funny would great material and directed, but if he's right to it. But if you let him go his brand of comedy is just to be loud and just say say every loud, if I loud enough people laugh. Stretch out every. That's what she does here. So I'm like girl if he real have call you didn't call me. So to do any real donate real issue. Bitch. Booking? This women's see what happens I was trying to look up while you're getting. Choke..

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