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In data processing custodial work transportation sort of sales. I in the individual will go through the entire process from application to employment together and i will fade away over the course of three months to three years up until that individual becomes completely sustaining. Using the skills that they have at their hand and the skills that we teach them path point and establishing natural supports for example. You know the assistant manager may have special interest in my client and they form a bond outside of my professional involvement and that bond and carries on as i fade away slowly. So it's it's kind of like let's get people involved. Let's keep get people busy and let's seek out opportunities and that's that's that's path point and there are many organizations like that at amazing. Do you see a growing network. You've done this for many years. You see that. There's a bigger acceptance from the community at large in terms of people with mental health issues or developmentally developmental disabilities. It's a joy. And i think it speaks to this part of humanity that doesn't get talked about or or massaged enough which is like we feel. Good when we make amends. We feel good when we recognize. There's a need that we can fulfill that needed. We can share it and we don't necessarily need accolades young man who worked in fawns up glendale and this individual. If you see him you immediately recognize that there. There's something different about him but the joy in the loved this individual is brought to this vons. glendale has has changed the dynamic of even the coworkers. There's you know it. And that's been said to us directly. It's like we're so glad that he is here and we could clean themselves these other things about themselves through his experience. If that makes any sense it's great to hear this story. We don't hear enough about these kind of programs and the kind of work that people like you are doing the way. I met us very very unusual story. It was on a game show years ago and it was one of the greatest things i've ever seen..

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