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I mean it it baseball such a strategic game there are so many decisions that are made should a player tech an extra base you know should you walk someone should you bond you know should you pull the pitcher should you hit for the pitcher you don't see that in other sports too much you do see as you said and football some play calls but you don't really question why some players playing versus another pretty much have their set lineups and there aren't those kinds of decisions in the game itself of why did it quarterback threw a certain receiver you don't hear that that much here it's gee why why did the guy tried to go from first to third and he got thrown out why didn't you tag up and score on that fly ball a lot of it is second guessing because those who don't think ahead on just watch the game you know they look back and say well if you've done it another way the thing about it is the odds are so close together on so many decisions that they are you know you could go one way or the other and not be right or not be wrong and sometimes i think something should happen and may maybe something else does it may turn out better it's just you know you're playing odds and the odds in most cases are very close chris ruby and cardinals chairman bill dewitt a lot of the projections that i follow and i know that your office and you follow third party per se like your lineup is one of the best in all the baseball just the addition of marcello zona and accomplishing that on the heels of an acquisition with that club that didn't work out in giancarlo.

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