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Around the world with Pete Fox Thanks Brian From the NFL jets with a big upset win over the Cincinnati Bengals 34 31 it's their second victory of the season led by Mike white in his first start going 37 of 45 throwing for 405 yards and three touchdowns in the win Joe burrow had three touchdowns as well but it came with one interception in Chicago the niners post their third win of the season comfortably over the bears 33 22 Garoppolo three 22 in the air no touchdowns though he did run for two on the ground Elijah Mitchell running for one 37 and one touchdown in the niners win from the pitch EPL action West Ham a comfortable victory over Ashton villa cruising four won the final Johnson rice fornals and Bowen accounting for the goals Leads wins a tight one over north city Rodrigo breaking a one one tie at the 60 minute mark from La Liga societal and Bilbao finished nodded at one and Madrid takes care of batiste by a score of three nil on the Siri scoreboard A.C. Milan a winner over Roma Napoli and empire both post tight victories and from Major League Baseball game 5 of the World Series tonight in Atlanta I'm Pete Fox that's your Bloomberg world sports update Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day As Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business at and at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business lash And I'm Paul Allen in Sydney where we're seeing the ASX higher by half of 1% as we are hidden to the early afternoon trade a West Bank one of the big movers one of the big four banks here in Australia right now off just over 6% Cash profit 5.35 billion Aussie dollars That was a miss of 60 cent dividend though and an off market share buyback of a record three and a half $1 billion Take a look at namora in Japan right now off for more than 7% at the moment seeing a 95% slump in net income It's also set aside $341 million in provisions for a transaction the predates the global financial crisis so no more of the laggard on an otherwise impressive nikkei at the moment the kneecap beta by more than 2% and this of course after the election at the weekend which turned out better than many expected for the ruling LDP retaining that slender majority for the prime minister kushida We got the topics higher by about one and a half percent South Korea's Cosby bidded by two thirds of 1% we had trade numbers for South Korea at a short time ago exports slowing though still pretty impressive at 24% growth a little less than expected PMIs for the month of October and South Korea 50.2 And of course the big news on PMI is China's big miss manufacturing PMI.

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