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On air on Alexa Orly W T o p F 1 28. African weather on the AIDS to rob Stone worth in the W T o p traffic Center. As the afternoon comes into play, things start to pile up. I'll take it to 301. This is South down in Brandywine. Their chance for Dr had the son of the road block one broken down there. Also on three or one traffic remains to alternate across the Harry Nice mag Middleton breeze there due to a crash eastbound 100 grand to North Bound 29. We had that crash along the right side. If you're eastbound on 100, the ramp to North and 95 still with the report of a crash their route 29 North bound here, 1 75 crash reported involving one overturns and watch out for that, otherwise looking pretty smooth on the Beltway throughout Maryland in Montgomery and Prince George's county in Virginia, on the antelope As you leave the Springfield interchange headed toward Braddock Road, we may have one stopped and roadway. Otherwise, 66 remains clear leaving, of course, Gainesville headed toward Roslyn South bound on the George Washington Parkway. Past for key bridge That crash would be gone. If you're in the district it south down on D. C to 95 rent to the inbound the lemon Tree bridge in the usual spot. We may have one spun out there blocking at least one lane in Virginia south on I 95 still often on breaks, leaving Lorton headed toward 1 23 north on I 95 still heavy, leaving Spotsylvania headed toward Route three in Fredericksburg and beyond toward the Rappahannock River. But all lanes are reported to be open. I'm rob Stallworth, w T o P Traffic and now the storm team for meteorologists. Lauren Ricketts, We get a nice little Jason. Steady rain this morning, and now we're just seeing showers Scoot across the area will be dry from the west to the east as we continue right through the afternoon and through about sunset, which is at 4 59. Now as we head into the overnight there could be is Mary is a black eye. So be careful,.

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