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Going to stop people's histories and they have made immigrants of people in their own damn countries it was a home railway system in jamaica as soon as independent railways stop yes anything in same thing that you can that as you you said said the same thing in love exactly everything just real rose just stops you just like they didn't even leave them the infrastructure to be able to just continue to build but an active as especially in india heard a lot you know we gave you the railroad like what how indian people that built that as well and used it to export goods out of the country and sell them all around the world i make yourself rich so he wasn't doing it for indian people you didn't give it to people you used it so convenient that said that's my stay do besse essentially that's it can they tied anyway all right so we come to the end of the show driven much to to talk about it was a feature of yeah yeah we we shot him again before down amazing people that lewis rounded listers packer bowl so no grateful and shout out to nicole shukla on his new book launch against alex and i went the one who won big big big big like a nice lunch it's a nice lunch getting people to poach last night at my friends event could wa and yeah i i know know yeah i've been playing on the french.

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