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Four, four nine. Two two seven zero three is the number of We're, in, the, middle, of, a. Conversation on this jazzy Thursday About philanthropists LeBron Dave not so much about athletes LeBron James LeBron James philanthropist and actually asking LeBron James's style low philanthropy is setting a new paradigm for others who consider themselves to be affluent and, who make the big bucks and who were part of the black community Is there is this a new paradigm that perhaps they might be able to follow Observing LeBron James in the studio with me Oh we have none other than, the esteemed news reporter for w. a. okay We're going to be too don't walk all over the place And In the. Personage, oh the beautiful Louis, Harris Which I. For, my sister and colleague Good morning Because of. Your expertise In sports because sports and you do all here And we were having a conversation off the mic about LeBron James, and you brought up the issue that LeBron James the first person to Spend. Some money owners go he's not he's not the first. Athlete that we've seen open a school Jalen. Rose who played in the NBA formerly now everybody knows, him as a commentator analyst on ESPN he actually has a leadership academy in Detroit he's not the first person to, go about with scholarship One that's one can I have another A? Few others what is his name I. Am missing one I know Jalen rose he just out to me because he's. Actually analysts right now Okay Upload. It it'd be. Cool, also I think you said, yes Jalen is a is an, activist but come on Jalen rose is no LeBron, James? Right and LeBron James has interest in so many of the areas other than, basketball he puts all of those at. Risk It a, certain? Way to not just be a philanthropist but also to represent for black people. The other day he challenges the president And I mean that's that's no minor, thing, when the. Top athlete questionably, arguably the top athlete in the country speaks up against the the foolish brother democratic country dorsal flat-footed unapologetically and does so you know with with a sense of. Grace and poise, and expression of intellect I think that's significant and you have to kind of, look at that look at who he presents himself as. Comprehensively and what he puts on the line in order to do that and we have to also remember. That LeBron James, has taken this rolling and has accepted this role as a top athlete that the pinnacle athlete that a lot of people look up to go towards he, is, one of. The greatest in, arguably the greatest athlete that we've seen within this time right now I remember. When we were talking off air and I was lead it he's not the only person to new it and we were talking about the differences, between LeBron James and Jalen rose guess of course their. Platforms are totally different their platinum warms LeBron James has a huge larger following moist and Jalen rose does He reaches a lot more people than. Jalen rose of. Course so of, course his his magnitude his, is reach is going to. Be greater, and LeBron is also looked at is to use his counter but spotless as opposed to Jalen rose. Comparison you know what I'm saying no no no negative strikes against him. For any moral or any other candle nine, nothing then whatsoever but I mean what LeBron James is doing I think. It's absolutely phenomenal, and again I think it's. On this large magnitude because of course the media plays a role in as. Well Doing nine yes And putting it out. On the forefront but there are other athletes who are doing phenomenal work within the. Community as well like we recently saw on, the row scholarships Derrick rose scholarship program that will award four hundred thousand dollars in college tuition to high school students, pursuing higher. Education Yeah there are lots of other athletes who are taking this step. And doing what they can do what they, believe is the best thing for them to do when it comes down to community outreach as such as I think Just me and I'm you know, I'm, feeling be feelings don't, feel. Like it's, a, certain kind of brother though that looks back and give back it's kind of folks that just, don't in the southern kind that do 'cause like we say LeBron James will say okay you say Derrick rose. Okay you say Jalen rose these brothers you know they they are. Connected with with what we consider to be urban urban experience and they. Seemed like real black people and they talk, like, black people would they, be. On TV Because the way that you sound that's, that's one that's, your, choice. You can, choose to, sound, like a white dude if you will or you can choose the sound. Like a black out choose the sound black when they talk me and. I'm just I'm just saying They play All right 'cause I could talk to you, like, this, Loretta and but that's not how. You. Talk exactly And that's the, way, that no black people talk about this And I'm African American I'm black this is Alan Thank you for coming in lending your? Expertise, your knowledge about sports in broadening the. Conversation yes I love what. LeBron James is doing I think is, absolutely phenomenal everything that he's doing for his hometown he's. Representing whale. And shown up Thanks for coming through thank.

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Lebron James, Lebron James Lebron, Jalen Rose discussed on WAOK Programming

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