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Police doing a wellness check earlier in the day, found the body of 30 year old Theodore Hilkey in the apartment. They noticed lab equipment and chemicals. In the afternoon, Investigators returned to follow up and found bombs in the freezer. Residents of the 6th 7th and 8th floors were evacuated while the bombs were removed. An autopsy is scheduled today to determine the cause of Hill's death. A man has died after a shooting involving police outside of a restaurant in Forest Park. WGN's Eric Wrong reports. Police are investigating the shooting force Park Police. However, this morning are not being very clear on if an officer actually shot and killed the man now, just before eight last night forced Park Police say they got a call that someone had dropped a handgun inside of the Jimmy John's out here. Police say the man picked it up. Wave the gun around and said, Please don't make me do this. Now. When police got there, The man was outside the sandwich shop with the gun in his hand, But all Forest Park police are saying this morning is Shots were fired and the man was later pronounced dead at a hospital. So we don't know if maybe he shot himself or officer shot him. We do know the officers were also taken to the hospital with what police are calling non life threatening injury. Two people are in custody following a deadly shooting outside of an Illinois secretary of state's driver facility and southwest suburban Bridgeview, police say. Juwan Davis was standing in line yesterday outside of the facility on West 87 Street on one person approached and started shooting. Davis was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Authorities say they followed a car wanted in the shooting. Into Palos Hills, where two people inside abandoned the vehicle. They were arrested after a foot chase. The corona virus crisis is far from over as cases are once again on the rise in 19 states. Michigan, Colorado in Connecticut, all reports spikes of more than 30%. Health experts say people are letting their guard down too soon, especially with different strains spreading. The CDC just this week says the seven day average of new cases is about 55,000 today. 3% higher than last week. Here's the CDC director, Dr Rochelle Wolinski. I'm enthusiastic about the pace of vaccination. What concerns me is the footage of what's happening in spring breakers in people who are not continuing to implement prevention strategies. This comes as the nation marks the grim milestone of 30 million infections. Governor Pritzker received his cope in 19 vaccination yesterday at the mass vaccination site in Springfield. More than five million doses have now been administered across the state, including the Johnson and Johnson shot given to the governor. These vaccines offer us all the fastest way back to normal life. I'm so excited to get there and to protect my family, my friends and my co workers. The governor says 66% of seniors 65 up in and one in three Illinois. INS ages, 16 and older have now been vaccinated. There's some good news this morning concerning an American icon, according to government scientists. The number of bald eagles has quadrupled since 2009. There are now more than 300,000 birds in the lower 48 states. The national symbol once teetered on the brink of extinction, But now they are flourishing. Officials say protection measures such as banning pesticides like DDT and putting the Eagles on the endangered species list. Help the eagle population grow now with WGN sports. Here's Dave, innit? The MBA trade deadline comes up later today. Two o'clock, bulls coach Billy Donovan says They're in it for the long haul. Translation. Don't expect any rash decisions or a knee jerk reaction to the Bulls. Ugly 103 94 loss to Cleveland at center Wendall Carter Jr called unacceptable. The Bulls have lost four out of five so of the Blackhawks, but they're feeling better about themselves. After Tuesday's win over Florida, and a chance to sweep the Panthers tonight, the back end of the two game set pregame 6 30 Right here. The big 10 may have only managed to squeeze one team into the sweet 16 in the men's tournament, but a different story for the women. Four Big 10 teams Aaron they could have had five, Northwestern wasn't able to hold a double digit lead lost to Louisville, 60 to.

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