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You know, it just it just it's like, I'm so processing it. It's like the end of a movie where there's a twist and like you're just like oh, well well. Well, like, so that's where I am right now. I'm probably have gone not to to cut you offer or die too deep into it. But besides your defense. What do you think like wrong with arsenal? I mean in my eyes like from a totally objective point of view, your striker combination is like one of the best out there, like the lock is at a bomb Yang or like two very talented strikers. But it's like, I don't know where the disconnect to get them the ball enough. Or is it the defense or the manager? Like, what do you think is falling apart at arsenal? Just STAN Kroenke, nah. I don't know. The defense definitely doesn't help. I think the Ford players are just not confident enough because it if. Pardon me. I feel like they think it doesn't matter. How much we score because we're just going to give up more goals. There's just a lack of confidence going forward because I feel like there's no confidence in the backline. There really hasn't been for a while Koshi only will wear the captain's ban. But he's not a communicator. He's not like a murder soccer, or, you know, like a like Lee Dixon, you know, who will be like loud or Vieira. You know, I mean who will get his people in order and communicate and then Jacques is still ally ability. I mean, he's done better this year than last year, but that's not much to say anything about or call home about. So it's you know, it was nice when Tarare was kind of being then the goalie Kante role essentially being that bulldog. He's kind of come back to earth a little bit too since the beginning of the season. So there's not like we need that Oso player. And we're not playing him to be creative enough to get the ball fed to those you know, to top guys up there lock is that. And a bomb young. But he just doesn't fit into whatever Emory system is in. You know, what I thought this guy was the Europa league was his shit. Apparently, not what the fuck I thought this thing. So I guess you can't be bait on a on a fucking Thursday night. I don't know what to tell you in Bruges. Why don't even know where they are? I don't even know where they are in the world. But it doesn't it doesn't matter. I I really want to digress from. All right. There's a second leg you guys got a second leg of. Yeah. It's it will it will win like three two in the last second is going to be a super close game. And I'm just going to be like tearing on my hair. But then I'm going to be like this is their Europa league. This is how this is how far fall on. All right. I'm I'm done. I'm done. Let's move on to SOX premier-league. So the title race all tied up. Manned city Liverpool at the top man city at the top on points Liverpool with a game in hand. I believe Tottenham in stirred, and then Manchester United which was considered a miracle to get there to fourth place. Yeah. Of two questions one..

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