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And you're twisting about living rubik's cube alone our sorry. It's my son's. I'm it's a more for my fidget. But i have something for you. All i mentioned. I had these rings made for you. Go rings and buttons in one day. This is the best fidget. It's what you do with your hand like what you robin you dagger like that. It's like an motion that you know. You like fidgeting. He said he has his for his fidget. Yeah i guess there's like something you do. You fidget look. Can't stop moving a start even paying attention. He's sitting there twisting on his little cube. They're put it get stuck. Sometimes you have to give it a little force. We looked into home condis after we arrested him. And everything you said not to be true He was working with of course. And he's the one who gosh the taliban host to change and who started the dreams just like you said We have sent him to Opara to go to jail with utopia and She has a full support on. Please take these rings as a thank you from from us for helping the town these are those messenger rings that had mentioned. It's a silver ring has the insignia of utopia wherever you're serving the organization so whatever. The symbol of the queen's guard is the symbol on these These rings it lets you. You gotta plus two lebron's on diplomacy checks and let's cast message as an arcane in nate spell out will so you can just always cast message it also wants per day it lets you cast animal messenger To your specification. The animals a magical creature springs from the ring and its appearance. Suits the iconography or hell. Heraldry of the lord organization represented by the ring So you guys will have to decide. What the queen's guard like animal is like wow a unicorn s going. Oh it's a little soreness. A pegasus in a unicorn in one unit is like this is your nation. Yeah so he thinks you all and gives you these rings. I'm throwing them on all your sheets now. And that's he just says. Imagine your your time here. Stanfield free to stay in town As as long as you would like. You're always welcome here if you need anything. Please don't hesitate to ask we'll do. It's been a pleasure. The town appreciates you while you're in town You do have a discount on.

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