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Of george floyd death. The biden administration promised they would create police reform legislation by now. But that hasn't happened yet. That doesn't mean the work has stopped though it's been happening on the ground in minneapolis on a number of fronts last week for example activists met in the basement of minneapolis church. The difference now is that there's more awareness of the atrocities that the minneapolis police department has been getting away with for decades desk. Difference that's pastor in bethel's from new beginnings baptist ministry. He's one of the leaders of the unity community mediation team. They've been working directly with the minneapolis police department and hopes of into a better one. Aj flowers is a co chair for the young people's task force within the mediation team focused on setting up the next generation of community citizens and leaders. He's also running for city council in the district that includes the intersection where flooding was murdered. The future is what matters and we all got children. Are we all got younger. People out here and it's even seven eight year olds. Who's who's afraid when they see police back in two thousand three this group negotiated a federally mediated memorandum of agreement detailing concerns over use of force police community relations and more documents signed by then sergeant madeira or a dondo. He's now the chief of police and part of why the group is renegotiating. What are you going to do when the people you fighting and the mayor the governor saying let us in here was and they finally go open the door and say come on sit down and see what happens is that happens then we get down they said anyway. So what is it that you want. Then we uh so We don't really have that plan because we're so used to not being hurt but the push for police reform has been ongoing for decades. Meanwhile names hashtags tomorrow. Clark brianna taylor..

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