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By Audi rocklin you have heard the saying happy wife. Happy life will now it's happy wife longer life. According to a study out this morning from Tilburg university in the Netherlands, having a happy spouse linked to raider loan jeopardy rights, you're going to go deeper this hour on mental illness in the workplace. It is a huge problem. Not only for those with psychiatric disorders, but for businesses as well. One in five adults experiences mental illness each year. So there is a good chance you or someone you work with at some point. We'll have a mental health crisis. There. A Harvard study on loss of productivity just due to overall health issues, and they identified depression as the number one costliest health condition shootings above obesity and back injury is surprising to me costing businesses. A lot Hector Alvarez Alvarez associates. He works with businesses on work. Workplace violence prevention, but he has found an even more significant needy says for businesses knowing how to handle mental health issues among employees, one of my companies had an employee who had an undiagnosed health condition when afternoon he he balls into a position on the sells for an was comes take away. Once he get stabilized with medication and about two weeks. He wanted to come back people were terrified coming back because you know, of all the things that they've heard on TV, and we had to work with them to just deal with the fact that just. A mental health condition. It's treatable bullying other things if the man had left work after having a heart attack, they would've had pot roast and banners, welcoming home, and it's from that perspective that we try to help to overcome all the misunderstanding, the stigma. Absolutely. He said that is the biggest problem that is the biggest misunderstanding that people think mental illness equals violence that it's going to lead to and he says of the thirty five hundred workplace violence issues that he's dealt with only one was the result of a mental health problem. He says companies understanding mental illness is a must because a robust HR department is just no longer an option, but a lot of organizations their HR departments transition to payroll and benefits rather than human resources. So that they're not doing the the level of work that she used to see because expansion California administrative so much compliance that we have to do just knock it trouble. You know, very often innovations. They don't see their HR person unless somebody's getting fired plus dealing with mental health is often taboo, you know, people just don't want to they just don't want to go there. Yeah. Exactly. They don't wanna they don't wanna talk about it with her their employers. They're afraid that they're going to be fired for that. So Alvarez's training is in forensic psychology. He teaches a method, and he does this all over the country. He's locally based. But he teaches this method of workplace intervention that is called mental first aid, the heart probably the biggest cog of this. This program is they haven't demonic that they use to help recognize somebody and support them as called algae the ace stands for the L stands. Listen listening on judgment. The G stands for giving. Issuance and information is the ease encouraging appropriate professional help and the last east those to us is encouraging self-help and other support strategies. So this whole curriculum that goes on without, but it's called algae. And he says often just the best approach. The colleague is to be open and pretty blunt as in are you having a panic attack? Or do you need help to speak directly as as you would if they were having heart attack or stroke or something going on, right? Good stuff. Very interesting. I want to talk about adventures in game on the other side is that okay with you. Yes. I'm excited about this. I don't even know anything about.

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