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Hey what's up every one how are you were discussing tax says the most exciting issue of the year tide of his that a strange way buddha who knows what's going to go on year 2018 a lot of folks might see a tax cuts gore some experts believe according to the joint committee on taxation by twenty seven which who cares are we even going to be around in twenty twenty seven it's possible it'll be a nuclear war zone so i guess people are thinking short term perhaps not thinking longterm let's talk about it with scott in rock hill south carolina scott what's up brother how you doing oh i'm hanging in there good era up i wanted to make the point that the the fact that this will have is based on the amount of transactions because that's what creates taxes that's what creates revenue and north of what creates the ambiance of the feeling of well in the feeling of uh the success and growth in gdp and everything else row now if the if the bulk of the people that are paying the tax for the people that have the money if you give them some of their money back they spend it and it is the trickle down theory on those that kind of what i'm going after but really i think if we look at transactions in the momentum that we have as a country the the the momentum will overcome um any of the uh the negative things in the democrats should be very nervous at this point because we're we've got the momentum of of the growing and that the the idea that transactions could double or what ha ha that's really what trump is all about right you know this is the notion of uh folks have more money in their wallet.

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