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Felt rejuvenated again last year was a new challenge for you. How did the first season obviously went really well. Well, especially having a kid and Ricky Taylor phenomenal kid and champion and more experienced than myself to be honest, basically. Yeah. So it's like who's qualified I'm qualified. No, I'm caught. So it's kind of like a big challenge between the two of us. It's it's it's it's great. I I as you saw me just I thing when I jump Ian in talking to you. I'm it is it is fun. It is I missed this. I wanna keep going as far as I can. And I and hopefully we can't. But definitely it's a new challenge because it's a new some new tracks new different cars like, for example, neck exercise is not as bad as for IndyCar because you don't have the wind pushing your head back because now we had windstream, but is still have the lateral force, which is very seamless. So he's still it's this position. They stealing, for example in need cars a little higher. This one is a little lower. So now you work in different. Shoulders it starting all over again. So, but it's it's great. I I'm just so blessed. I still racing. Yeah. I was kinda surprised when I looked at your career stats mean? Typically, a lot of IndyCar drivers. Even NASCAR drivers have sports card. Dalliances will they'll go run a few races here, and there and you hadn't run Rolex before last year. Right. I mean, you didn't you didn't really have very much experience. Did you? So was it a little bit of a leap of faith. I did never push it on to you know, they say, no, we'll we didn't want to do it. So I never actually push it. Because sooner they said, okay, we hire you to be an as quite driver. So we want to do it later on like come on guys. So many other drivers are doing can I do so and then trying to find a sociation because Chevy didn't want us to dry for right? All their brand. When we're Toyota they didn't want to drive on. So it was eventually not having a team probably made it hard. Yeah. It was always something. And and that's why I was not able to to do them in which. Is it's it's some fortunately because now. Well, fortunately, unfortunately, unfortunately, because they don't have the experience before twenty. Now, I'm able to join with Team Penske. Now, we're we're fulltime how much do you miss IndyCar? If it'll all and I do I mean come on years. It's like that ex girlfriend that had like come on. I still need to tell her. You know, I say, hey, Honey, come on. You know, that's the one more time. You know, like that sexy voice nights. It's I missed it. I missed it's hard for you to give up twenty years and all of a sudden like wipe that out from your memory. The good news is the transitions being phenomenal. Because now I'm still racing. At a point that is still, you know in my career field that can I can still be very competitive. And this is able to, you know, calm those arch of you know, should should do it. I should talk to Roger more often. But it it's that flames size being able to feel that. And and I'm glad because otherwise probably would be ended the press smoking drinking and be like, okay miserable. Is it partially to Elliott that so much of IndyCar seems to be, you know, I'm saying this as an employee of NBC, of course. So I'm going to be a little bit biased because we've got the whole schedule. There's a positive momentum around the series narrative seems to be hey, it's back. It's it's trending upward. And you were there through some pretty periods. Yeah. Is a sad at all in this kind of being from outside a little bit. Now, you know. I mean, obviously, they are a IndyCar. It got to a point that they're doing everything they can I feel that we have the best drivers we have the best competitive series. Incredible talent teams diversify it'll because remember not only driving in beautiful tracks..

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