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However i think are also an outstanding team did it it's also a really balancing depending of course on exactly who's in their rotations they seem to have the ability to have a a a pretty something close to a steamroller lineup maybe not quite to the same level of the yankees but really really close in they have they have a lot of swing and missing their rotation if if price and sale our pricing taylor both at the top of their game with portillo pitching as well as he is that's really impressive and then their bullpen has been a little bit more patchwork but very effective for not just this year but really dating back to the beginning of twenty seventeen so i in terms of how these two teams how these two teams present it's it is it's really impressive i mean they're fun games to watch right now yeah i was talking to book shelby a little while ago and he mentioned that it feels like that the red sox yank eighties astros are like the ali frazier informant baseball right now and everybody else is in a different way class the three great teams but the red sox did get bad news yesterday i saw your tweets that she sent out about it you you you mentioned that maybe we're not ready to call everything going on with david price red flags but certainly big concern at this point when you put the composite picture together there has to be you know a pretty considerable amount of concern in david prices last outing he was sitting at ninety two ninety three with his fastball and that's down a couple of six from you know from where he was back in back in twenty fifteen his last season before before he was with the red sox she's also exhibited a couple of outings whether it was the yankees outing on april eleventh and he exited when he first encountered this numbness in the feeling of numbness in his hands or more particularly with his most recent outing against the rangers where he walked a handful of.

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