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Be in Atlanta. The ACC player list has been released as well. We will get to those guys 9 quarterbacks going to be there in the ACC. We'll talk with David Hale coming up from ESPN covering all things ACC. What is going on with the grant of rights? Are we going to see some stability in that conference? What is their future? We'll do a lot of that coming up here in just a few minutes. My name is Braden Gaul in for Paul. You can get to me on Twitter at brayden gall honored to be here hanging out with you guys. One more hour today, 8 5 5, two four two 7 two 8 5. And the big 12. What are they going to do? I think they actually are operating from a position of strength. And I say that not because I think they're the best league or they're going to make the most money or they have the best teams. They're certainly going to lose a lot of that when Texas and Oklahoma leaves. But I do think they have the most freedom to do whatever they want, be creative and try to find some future value for their conference. The new conference commissioner Bret your mark, the first, he starts technically August 1st. And he's been having meetings in the big 12 with the current teams in the big 12. Texas and Oklahoma who are about to leave, and then the four teams who are about to join. So he's basically conducting meetings with the ex-wife, the current wife and the future wife all at the same time, which I imagine as someone who's only got just the one wife. I never had an ex-wife. I imagine that is an extraordinarily bizarre situation. So he stepped into this role, he stepped into a big giant mess, USC UCLA happens. What is the big 12 going to do? These were his comments today. This morning, his opening statements about the big 12 being open for business. What

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