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Continue this hostile work environment. I can't believe that. You know, this bears actually on tap. I mean to find farce Walker on tap is just amazing. And we've had a lot of different vintages of the series and mazing beer that twenty fourteen bottle that we had that one time that was really best. Yes. And we talked about that, you know, quite a bit on on another episode. Yeah, but just to be able to get it, you know, right drafts, that's that's ridiculous. It's good. It's really great fresh. It is just amazing. You know, aged as well. And that beers actually made as part of the seller series from Firestone Walker right there at monk's cafe, you can actually have both. So they have the vintage versions do compares. You can go back and and so if you really want to have one fresh and then have one that's maybe three or four years old that would be that would pretty. That sounds awful. That's terrible. Horrible way to spend your time. So one last beer place we would recommend would be the standard tap, man, spices, cool. I got a great tap list, but you gotta be sure to check out the rooftop and then the food pairings they have. There are. Second, I I was also it right. I'm gonna say right to your face scanner tab. Great food. If you go check out the chicken pot pie. Forget they have a cat. The do. Yeah, they always have a cast their standard tap. That's another great thing about it is like, you know, a lot of times you don't see that everywhere. You know, even the really great beer bars around America usually don't have something on cast all the time. You know, have a weekly thing for nine or two. It's always there. Yeah, they usually have at least one cask of their standard tap. So be sure and check that out that is healthier was originally served and sold history might even find the spruce beer on cast. No. If you do pick up the cast and throw it now. What are you going to? Is it going to be a cheese Witter cheese without? Well, speaking of food, I just have a few things have got to ask you guys to really make sure that we're preparing people for stepping into Philadelphia wit or no with, well, if you're talking about this show, it's no. Would you like white on the bottom of widow, the top. I don't like anything bottom. You know, this is actually the standard reading, four locals and Philadelphia. Instead of asking like things like the weather, like normal people do. So listen, our discussion of Philadelphia cannot be complete without talking about the Phillip stake. No, not Philly. Cheesecake name. Cheese, steak. It's layers, thin, meet peppers and onions, and the key ingredient is cheese whiz. Or as the locals college cheese, they just call it wit. So that's how you get the wit conversation. So there's two conic locations that actually make this famous sandwich and they're not exactly the same. Now pats, the king is actually considered the original and gino's has been in the same location right across the street since about nineteen sixty six. Is it true that brawls have broken out between fans of pets versus fans? Yes. Yes. There's like entire family feuds that have developed whether you're PAT's or gino's fan. That's ridiculous. And I couldn't date a guy because he was a pet and I'm gene. They do the same thing with pizza in Chicago. If you're JIRA Donald fan or gino's east fan, you know, Donna's man guy. So yeah, good. I'm glad you're both saying. No idea. Didn't want her to punch in the face. Well, may I kinda do, but that's the reason we gang keys were Yankees fans. We like the same Chicago style pizza. So yeah, it's all good. Yeah, it's all good. So listen, we won't help you to get through this experience about how to order a cheesecake and other pets or. Cheesecake. Go back, don't play this part. Never play this again. Yes, right. So this is how you order cheesecake or. This part never played this again. It's in this head. Now this in his head, he can't get past it. I have a professional. I can't believe that. I've said that I, it is ordering a cheese, stay a ago, order cheese, steak at gino's. All right. So listen, this is a high pressure situation other than just not being able to say cheese steak correctly..

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