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Hill Yemen. Now Twenty twenty one there. We go seven. See I'd won't be it Thought I don't WanNa get in the habit of pulling off top two fifties okay. I totally it did not not even cross my mind that it was on the last really Lewis is just watching. Our next one should be seven and they're kind of the same same bill but I will keep that in mind for the future. I don't think there should be a hard rule against it. Yeah we we feel it out when it makes sense we do it when it doesn't make sense. Jimmy veto the hell out of it. It's movies movies better than seven. Gong girls of vendors endgame. I spoke movie ever more mold. That six dollars. theranos mother to kill half the people he just snapped. He just did a snap. She's he's part of man died. God sorry guys if your mom marvel. Yeah maybe once it's GonNa take me a long time to get into those. It'll be cool to tell me what to watch him. But I've seen seen them all in order to so going back to like one in the middle of the series might be a little Interested looks at number Turkey. I don't when we number thirty I've never heard of Leon. The Professional Nineteen ninety-four movie with a twelve year old girl is taken in by professional professional assassin. The adventure surround list. No I've never heard of this either. Yeah but that was hate and it was made on my birthday too. It's got a lot of boats tombs. Two million maybe. It's they made the big in Europe. Europe I duNno know Natalie Portman Luke Benson get there get there and next week seven s e the number seven e n ninety ninety five crime drama mystery so see you guys in seven days with seven hopefully it. Oh my God all right. Yeah Yeah for sure. Yeah we're GONNA leave now these see peace again. Not what again like right now. Are you doing apiece BS. Thanks guys for listening. If you have any movie recommendations or suggestions of any kind please just reach out to us on social media at G. Q.. Review or you can also email us at G. Q.. podcasts review at GMAIL DOT com..

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