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Changes court proceedings begin today in the trial of derek. Chauvin the former minneapolis police officer charged. In the killing of george floyd images of extra security and throngs of media bring up an array of emotions phil black community nelia gear. After floyd's death sparked massive protests and civil unrest hill is with the worldwide outreach. Church for christ is located near the south minneapolis. Quarter were floyd was killed while we witness was a nine minute murder of a man in something aside to all of us broke and so you know trying to deal with that trauma over these last ten eleven months and then now having rehash reopen with the trial protest against police misconduct were held across the nation over the weekend in advance of the trial. Brock seder is with mass action against police brutality. Ninety nine point nine nine percent of the cases never even go to trial this hundreds of thousands of cases going back years that have never been prosecuted in many of these. Have you know. There's families represented these people who've passed to are still out here. Fighting demand justice. Mothers of children who died at the hands of police were among the speakers out. Saturday's boston protest a proposed amendment to pennsylvania state constitution that would create judicial districts for the election of appellate court. Judges won't be on the primary ballot in may but still could go to the voters this year. Hp thirty eight was put on hold after two republicans on the house. Judiciary committee voted against the measure. Supporters of the amendment claim it would increase regional diversity on the court by electing judges for more rural areas but opponents say it would undermine the separation of powers by politicizing judicial selection elizabeth randall with the aclu pennsylvania. Points out that judges don't have local constituents. The way other elected officials do it. We're going to have judges be elected. Then everybody should be able to weigh in on all of the people that sit on those courts because the ruling they make apply to all pennsylvania bill as it is currently written would need to pass both houses of the legislature by early september to be on the statewide ballot for the november election. I'm andrea sears. Reporting solar joe manchin democrat west. Virginia and longtime defender of the filibuster signaled he might nevertheless be open to filibuster reforms. Vox news reports. That could make it easier for democrats to advance their legislative agenda mansion. Told todd on meet the press. If you want to make filibustering a little bit more painful. Make them stand there and talk. I'm willing to take a look at anyway. We can't this is pm. Us states like iowa have lifted covid nineteen restrictions amid a gradual decline in case activity and promising news on vaccinations but new survey results say most older residents want businesses to keep safety in mind as they welcome back customers at a statewide survey from. Aarp iowa ninety five percent of respondents aged fifty and older said mask mandates make them feel somewhat or extremely safe brad anderson state director for aarp says he hopes the business community takes. That results very seriously masks are king in iowa in older islands do expect shopkeepers. restaurants in any anywhere indoor grocery stores to keep those mask mandates in place respondents also indicate strong support for other safety measures such as increasing outdoor dining rather than indoor the iowa department of public health says more than two hundred thousand iowans have now been fully vaccinated and case averages have declined as well as covert i. Mike mohan the wyoming game and fish department gearing up to put. Gps radio callers on about fifty mule deer in southwestern wyoming biologists hope the callers will provide new and robust data revealing deal gration activities including the risks to animals as herds encounter and cross interstate eighty and state highway one eighty nine bill rudd with the wyoming migration initiative says the study should give wildlife managers the tools they need to keep deer population strong and help make wyoming highway safer that helps us understand the risk that deer face as they crossed some of the highways in south west wyoming but also the risk that motorists face there are some twelve to fourteen thousand you into mule deer in southwest wyoming and parts of utah and in winter they travel in groups of between twenty to fifty dear. I'm eric gladys finally are nettie romblon tells us last year was the second wettest on record. For north carolina the north carolina coastal federations new plan shows new water-management technics like rain gardens and watershed restoration to absorb heavy rainfall and prevent dangerous flood conditions. Your own miller. An expert on flood preparedness with the pew charitable trusts says nature based solutions are both cost effective and practical and fast growing state like north carolina. These challenges are often compounded. By the fact that traditional development uses impervious surfaces like concrete and asphalt which prevents rain from soak into the soil. The american society of civil engineers include stormwater for the first time on its infrastructure report card. The nation received a d for stormwater management systems support for this reporting was provided by the pew charitable. This is mike clifford and thank you for starting your week with public news. Service member enlisted supported. 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