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The world here's Dan schwarzman Thanks Brian The ario sport in Spain says that barring music star Robert Lewandowski is not happy the club's latest contract proposal and is now more determined than ever to leave the Bundesliga giants to join Barcelona Bayern is reported to be offering a one year extension to Lewandowski's current deal that would extend the Poland international state till 2024 while Levin dusky is seeking three total years from now Sources report that Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba prefers to leave England this summer as a free transfer rather than make potential move to rival Manchester City have shown interest in the France international Pogba thought to favor moved by The Avengers sort of had he saint Japan with PSG rumored to be the favorites The NBA playoffs continued with two semifinal match ups as a Celtics are on the road the Milwaukee Bucks in game four in the east with the bucks leading the series two games to one while in the west the Golden State Warriors are hosting the Memphis Grizzlies but the warriors leading two games to one Sources report that Denver Nuggets big man Nikola Jokić has been voted the NBA's most valuable player for a second year in a row with an announcement scheduled for later this week On the season of the 27 year old damage over 27 points of close to 14 rebounds and 8 assists per game Finally the New York islanders firing head coach Barry trots after a season where the team missed the playoffs despite having high expectations In trots four seasons with the islanders the team made the playoffs three times including advancing to the third round the past two seasons I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports opte Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app And at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business flash Hi everybody I'm Brian Curtis and the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio in Los Angeles We update markets every 15 minutes here on Bloomberg radio Asian equity futures taking a tumble earlier U.S. stocks fell more than two more than a year low in an across the board sell off It comes as concern grows that the fed's actions may not deliver a soft landing Here's what we're seeing at the moment I mentioned Hanks index futures were flat but still at 19,870 that would suggest a couple of points down once trading begins EK futures are suggesting about a 300 point drawdown Spike 200 futures in Sydney off 1.4% S&P E minis though have picked up a little ground up about two tenths of 1% Meantime treasury yields fell and the curve steepened short dated bonds led the gains to yield on the two year dropped 13 basis points to 2.59% Energy got whacked oil down to about $102 and 65 cents now exhale E dropping 8.3% We had losses in Tesla and the stock market by more than 9% Apple and alphabet and meta all down roundabout 3% Copper also extended a slide It has now been moving down for the past 5 weeks in Bitcoin down to around $31,000 And that is a Bloomberg business.

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