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I don't blame you for being a little person those again and not really believe in this offense. I think this game is one of those games that can really set them up to maybe get back on track and that's winning. This is a game. They really need to win. As we mentioned, you cannot fall one in three. That's that would be a disaster. I would think early on the season in saying that I really like what they do. Often simply that being Detroit. Four. I sit on the names, you just mentioned golden Tate and some of the Marvin Jones. I mean, they have three guy as you look at, they all have multiple catches and we all know that leading receiver for Dallas's, Kobe see with twelve. Well, I think golden Tate or Marvin Jones. You look at the wide receivers, they're averaging four, five balls catches a game, and so you do the Matt, but I really liked the match up the lions or excuse me, the Cowboy's to run the football against this type of defense as they can throw, they can stop the pass, but let's face it. The Cowboys in go in with one thought and one thought only on offense is to run the ball with Zeke. Elliot had one of his best games last week. Got the ball, fourteen times average nine point chanson change per Yar. So I really think this sets up for their offense and say, look, this is what we're going to do. We're, we're just gonna. It's gonna be one of lob or knocking. Not down, drag out, we're going to run the football. You make you make you stop the ball. You stop. It's run run. So that's why like the Cowboys. I think that the will be enough changes enough, creativity. I hope so that we're talking about where they will. I'm not gonna say they're gonna score twenty eight points because you look at last week when when Detroit beat beat the patriots twenty six ten, they scored twenty six points and I think Stafford will will will turn the ball over. So with that with that long segue to pick doing, I'm gonna fit the Cowboys to win twenty three to seventeen awesome kinda close in. You can't go to get a beer in the fourth quarter, United sta- watching all the time. So it's going to be right on right on that cusp of, you know, they're going to be able to score more than thirteen point. So they're gonna be able to kick, you know, get to that thirteen and maybe score touchdown. And until right now. But yeah, I I'm gonna pick him the win this one. What's your sub prediction? I had to feel Riddick twenty five yard screenplay? What's what you got going on. I'm going. I'm going with Zeke. He rushes for one hundred and sixty yards in this game. A buck sixty or sixteen is going to hang buck. Sixty on them allow. I like this. I mean last time we disagreed, the Cowboys won. So maybe that's what we gotta do from now. I'm fine to fall on that. Grenade. I what I mean. I can't say it's impossible what you said, what you outlined. I think it makes sense. I do think that maybe it is a situation of all in I mean, and you said you offered that they would be a little bit more creative, whatever. But I could also see that they're just saying, screw it all in. We're going hands in all in all our chips. We're going to. We're going to give the ball forty times. You know what I mean? And just just ride that and hope that that's enough. I could see that that will be fun a bucks, his kind of like Detroit last week against New England. Patriots. They carry on Johnson the ball thirty times. He rushed for over one hundred yards which ably that's the last hasn't. What has been. It's been four and a half years. Yes, we're loaded game since the last time they had someone rush for over one hundred yards. I did not know that speaking of lions running backs. What's it like to try to tackle berry Sanders is it is just terrible. Do me a favor. You want a big laugh. This Google Barry Sanders best Ron's, and you probably know this look at you laugh and saying, oh, look..

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