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Again. You know sample size is a little bit small but this is beginning to trend in the right direction for this guy. Young player Safety jalen hawkins so really excited to see What that means for his ongoing development in that safety role and number five Fabien moreau that he got burned on one touchdown and honestly you know he was the player on that play but it was a really good pick play. That took him out is hard to really come down. You know really negative on him for that play but he had overall very strong day so kudos to him. The bottom five on defense. Absolute worst of the worst was john kaminsky. He only had two snaps though. I thought he was going to play a lot more than that. Really surprising to see that from him. But twenty four point eight grade for this to snaps next above him free safety. Richie grant six total snaps again sample size. Don't come down too hard. On grant for this seventy five point two on the tackle so you actually showed to be a very good tackler again. Six snaps for those of you. Who are concerned about the rookie. Just calm down. It's it's one game at six naps. Let's not get too upset about the one just yet. Right above him. Jacob to not mariner who had twenty five snaps forty seven point three grade. I actually thought he was much better than this. So maybe we'll take that one a little bit grain of salt right above him tyler davidson forty snaps forty-nine point two overall grade and above him linebacker dion jones. Unfortunately who had a forty nine point seven grade but funny enough had an eighty four point. Six pass rushing grades. Dion apparently needs to rush the passer more he literally had our best score as a pass rusher and actually was fairly good as a tackler with seventy two point. Now where we're some of our key guys on defense. Greg jarrett was fourteenth uncharacteristic for him. And i again i feel like this is maybe not a hundred percent accurate but then again. Grady missed tackles. That really i think if you were at peak form with a pull down the quarterback so maybe where that's where some of that's coming from his great of fifty four point nine is definitely well below what we used to seeing from him. Aj terrell Was actually number ten. So neither another terrible outing for him. Fifty eight point seven overall grade. Decent coverage grade not really great in the tackling department. Which again is weird. Because he he made a really good open-field tackle early on the game. And then dante fowler was number eight with sixty point one grade and he actually did well in run defense tackling but as a pass rusher had a forty nine point two grade which will surprise absolutely. Nobody if you've been watching the falcons for any extended period of time. Hopefully this is not the beginning of a consistent trend for any of these players. Clearly i think gregg jarrett is gonna bounce back. I would love to see jalen. Hawkins continue to to high and be one of our top defenders as well as guys like michael walker. Tj green as well loved seeing some of these younger guys guys we brought in Have an impact on this defense early on but right now not a whole lot. Celebrate you know. These are the the majority of these scores are on the wrong side of good. And we've got tampa bay next Certainly we're gonna be talking about that this week at the alcoholic dot com and of course on the podcast. We will have a podcast very soon. Coming up with the numerous voicemails. You guys left us giving us your thoughts on the game. The podcast is purely gonna feature what you guys with our listeners or readers have to say about what happened on sunday. We want your voice to be heard and that's going to be happening here. This week's stay tuned to this podcast for that very special. Ezra guys foamy on twitter at alcoholic. D-w updates podcasts at alcoholic cod and of course articles daily alcoholic dot com. This is dave walker. Thank you guys for listening in talk to you next time. Okay this show is over. You're still listening for some reason which means that you must have already downloaded the prize. Pigs up because if you haven't gotten that yet why are you still here. Price picks is basically daily

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