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One 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s, Rita castle are in the traffic center. But right now, if you're traveling on the beltway, let's start out with the delays on the outer loop coming from old Georgetown road and off the southbound spur. This heads all the way across the American legion bridge toward Georgetown pike with the work in the left lane outer loop we may have a crew moving with a delay that now begins after the toll road headed past actually the interloop from Georgetown pike headed across the American legion bridge, then you're going to find a slowdown from old Georgetown road around past three 55 and Connecticut avenue. That looks to be a volume delay. We're also seeing delays in both directions on the top side between university boulevard and Georgia avenue. So we may have some sort of a mobile crew moving there as well. On the Baltimore Washington Parkway, the volume northbound out of greenbelt at powder mill road, the southbound slows passing 32, no delays getting across the bay bridge, the westbound span is running two way traffic, so three lanes east bound two lanes westbound, getting across the bay bridge. Three 55, near the beltway, was a report of a crash, eastbound four 50 Annapolis road near Riverdale road was a report of a crash. In Virginia westbound 15 near Patrick Henry drive had been under police direction for the crash investigation. One 23 near lawyers road was a report of Iraq. Westbound 66, after one 23, the work was in the left lane, eastbound has the delay approaching and passing one 23 with the work in the left lane. And westbound 66 inside the beltway, the delays are passing glib road headed towards sycamore street with the work on the left side. Celebrate with the U.S. Air Force on September 15th at Audi field, enjoy flyovers music and more reserve your free tickets at U.S. Air Force 75 dot com. I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic Storm team four meteorologist chuck bell. Hard to believe 8 out of the first 11 days this month were up in the 90s because we haven't been anywhere close to that now in a

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