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Citizens voting in the dark total turnout projected to top one hundred million a record for a mid-term election. Driving the enthusiasm. President Trump so many voters showing up today to send him a message in Missouri. Claire mccaskill one of ten vulnerable Democrats senators running for re election in states, Trump one ABC's, Deborah Roberts. Is there speaking with voters was your vote today about Missouri or about the president both? I cannot stand the president. I think he's a finger in a lion. I I hope he gets impeached mccaskill opponent. Josh Hawley, eight strong Trump ally, which means a lot to Pamela Meyer. Whose key issue is immigration. So what are you want to say to the president about your vote today? I love President Trump. What can I say he is a first president in years? That's actually trying to do everything he said he would do in Texas Senator Ted Cruz among the most vulnerable Republicans Beethoven Rorick hoping to pull off the night's biggest upset we're gonna do this together. We just do not care about the differences between us right now at the polling place aerobic meeting. Seventy-seven-year-old, Pamela who grew emotional in this video now widely shared? We think he's pretty important. On. Why is he so important? Has he represents everything that Don Trump is in Florida were folks today lined up around the block, the president a major factor in the racially charged race for governor democrat, Andrew gillum versus Republican Ron Disentis. Thank you. ABC's wit Johnson is outside. A polling place in Tallahassee you voting for Gillam. You're also voting against President Trump, absolutely. I I couldn't be more adamant about that. But steps away Connie Joe cash who came to vote straight from her overnight shift as a nurse there to support one, man. The president my brother-in-law has a Dhabi hadn't had for three years. My brother has Dhabi hadn't hadn't five years. You know, they're happy and this wouldn't have happened without Trump. I don't think in Georgia tonight. Stacey Abrams looking to make history by becoming the nation's first female African American governor she's counting on high turnout among black voters like Tyler Cummings who spoke to our Steve Asami. What does it mean if Stacey Abrams? Winston honestly, it means a lot to me being African American individual just to have someone being in the office that is African American as a woman's Abrahams Republican opponent Brian camp has Donald Trump on his side Abrahams. Head Oprah one of many celebrities making their voices heard this year, Taylor swift. Coming off the political sidelines today, urging young voters to turn out. I promise you, it feels so wonderful to exercise that right that you have the big question tonight. Did they listen Matt Cup in in our team out all across the country tonight map, but he this live in met Bala watch team trucking polling stations across the country. Are we seeing any problems tonight? Hi, there have been some scattered problems. David in Wake County, North Carolina, the board of elections. There says that ten polling stations reported problems with their vote counting machines apparently caused by humidity. So some of those ballots are being stored emergency bins until they can be counted. Also in Johnson county, Indiana, just south of Indianapolis apparently, some machines broke during check in making it difficult to get people in causing those delays that you see and those long lines. Now, one voter protection group tells us that twenty four thousand people have called it's hotline with problems and with questions much higher than in two thousand fourteen but David given the size and scale of the voter turnout today. It's not that surprising. All right back up in leading us off tonight met thanks so much President Trump landed back in Washington at two await this morning after a whirlwind campaign trip tonight. We're told he'll watch the returns at the White House is he prepared for the possibility of Democrats taking back the house. Here's ABC's chief White House. Correspondent Jonathan Karl tonight. He's campaigned hard. Now. President Trump is back at the White House waiting for returns. He has said he has no idea how it's all going to turn out. You know, what you do my whole life in order to say don't worry about it. I'll just figure it out is that make so I'll just figure it out. He's been all in a lot of stuff. Yes, I saw a lot of people..

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