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So much of our politics ends up being consumed by celebrity. And I think that's true not just obviously with Donald Trump put on the in the Democratic presidential race. The people who are doing the best for the most part of people who were well-known before the race started The the process plays out on. TV me for the most part. We have short attention spans. It does seem like maybe we're we're in a place that we're the entertainment. Part of politics is consumed politics. It is but I mean I think that We just have a wacky system. Yeah we have created kind kind of in a way a show business system where you have a presidential campaign. Did last two years my employment so but it is. I think it gets boring when you see the same people up there and arguing with each other and not only arguing with each other but real fake and terrible acting after salmon did should take acting lessons all of this people up Dan the stage because the acting is just so horrible attack each other and tried to be like acting out Seriously like always appalling that you used to endorse is this. And how could you have done that. Oh my God. It was like horrendous and did do this whole drama as really affects the live in any walk of the stage again in smiling often and have a good time and probably doing some snaps together. But I mean it's like it's like it's show business and then it's all about you know who got the ratings up up and who get the ratings down and then the one that is sliding down a little bit. He said his leg away out. And it's the it's like for two years it'd be we now. Coaches have gotten close enough to be considered a year from now is election so this next year is going to be crucial to be already now had people dropping topping out to envy of already had this kind of Woma period where we kind of lake say. What was that all about the GERRYMANDERING for a moment i? It's a because it's important to you. I wonder what you would say to people whether they're Republicans or Democrats who look at. What happened Californians? Nyan say listen you wanted to reform the system and it ended up being bad for Republicans and so it's important for us to have power to do these other things that we WANNA do. That are priorities. For Republicans you might agree with or Democrats and they say we can't go and change to. What would be a fairer error districts who had? How does that choice work? If they say you WanNa make the fair district we want to keep the power so we can do the the things that we think are important. Well it's clear again. You say we wanted to keep the ballot self interest. It's it's IT'S A. It's a selfish L. Fish way of thanking because We know that the system is rigged and we know that it really hurts. The country when Democrats and Republicans are so far apart with the ideology and So stuck in the ideological corners. That can't come together so then nothing gets done. So how do we stay competitive. As a nation the other countries move ahead. China moves ahead. European Union moves ahead. Amend is a lot out of this country really India's moving ahead and I think that we have to really be competitive and the only way we can be competitive is collectively come together and say he does things we need to do. In order to fix the problem. You would say you should give up. You should not be resistant to giving up power right. which is what in the desert to change? The Laws in California was bad for California Republicans would not really it was actually good for the Republicans begins but it means that you have to be competitive and if he cannot be competitive. If you don't have better ideas than the Democrats then you're GONNA lose if you're not in touch with boaters you're GONNA lose if you didn't touch of what California's need specially what women and looking for and it was like Republicans in California lost a huge amount of women. Why because these issues education issues or environmental issues healthcare Asia's when addressed the Republicans did just would talk about money? The neons You know factories. And how do we protect the companies. How predict business noted that is oh great we should predict businesses and we should predict the economy in orders but we have to the same time have a sound healthcare system that people can go and get the treatments and California's the number one st eight and we should have the number one health care system? And that's what we should shoot foot but they had absolutely no interest in talking about that and In the same was within bomb. The women were very interested in a clean environment. They were worried about the kids in the water. They drink in order stuff and be couldn't even guarantee anymore. The water in every one of the towns is safe life into the ground is safe to women. were interested those issues. Not Republicans were not all they kept. Denying the days in pollution Shindig kept denying the day's global warming to keep denying this climate change in order stuff see what is arising and as dangers ahead In in and women just said look. I'm Outta Outta here. I so data they kind of Really did this to themselves. Not The redistricting resistance created the fear atmosphere That you had to be more competitive so it was. It gave everyone a chance to win. So you know that's why I disagree with you that day when you say it makes you lose and you cannot protect your job you can protect your job. As much as Olympic champion can protect his medal and come back again and do it again but he has to be the best he this the only way you can protect. You can't shoot in at because you had already a metal that you could shoot in because the way the system works and so would I wanted to create is I wanted to kind of take my Republican hat off. When do which you have to do? Because I didn't really want to look at who is an advantage disadvantage. I just wanted to make it fair and even for everybody in everyone has the same shot than everyone can go and campaign and show the de performing deaf vision and they have of great goals for the state notice and then they get laid get elected look at me. I was in a state that was definitely sixty percent Democrats whereas the forty percent of Republicans and elected as a Republican because I was in the campaign to talk about the issues did not just Republican issues but there was environmental lugers and healthcare issues then migration issues. Let let me ask you with your Republican hat. On though a there are a bunch of California Republicans who are who've left the Republican Party. The Republican Party has changed a lot in the last few years Chatham as WHO's the former Republican assembly leader in December announced announced. He was leaving the Republican Party. He's a person you've worked with. You are not leaving the Republican Party. What makes you stay well? It's I think I'm a true Republican if you look at Ronald Reagan overlooked president. Nixon Prison Lincoln. I'm in desma. People dead were fighting for equality. I'm in Lincoln. Think about that. I mean it was really so far ahead when it comes to giving equal rights to blacks and getting rid of slavery and giving them the voting rights being inclusive So I'm inclusive. I I see myself as that as soon as as Ronald Reagan Republican Someone that is very very good. Predicting the economy but also good in protecting the environment them Ronald Reagan created to first air resources put in California that enables us to really have total control over the embalming dominant issue and be able to set goals. Like fifty percent doers or reducing greenhouse gases by twenty. Five percent does that all can be done through the air resources which Ronald Reagan created any was governor and the same thing as the case with Nixon Nixon was in those striving for was first created that EPA yea In in Washington to protect the environment but at the same time he wanted to have universal healthcare. So but party. And isn't that isn't that Kinda. The Republican gone. Isn't that Republican Party. Dad know that the party changes. But you don't have to change your principles. Apply to changes in the get go one way or the other and what might responsibilities is to keep reminding everyone. This is what the true Republican Party is all about and we should not just change because new president does. He then came in that he may be. He's a little bit. You know different in his approach and orders I think that we should really as Republicans fight fight for totally quality. Have the people who've left. The party made the wrong decision. No I look it's like it's like an in training and in a bodybuilding. I mean there was guys did with doing twenty reps of twenty cents To get the the most muscular chest and I was doing in five different exercises of five cents each of twelve repetitions so who was riding. Who was wrong while you petitions? I wanted to communicate this other guys. Also ahead fantastic hostak pectoral muscles and fantastic jess and so it is different training principles to get in shape. You may say I like BICYC- to keep in shape someone else's I love running You know kind of Every day may seven miles. Someone else says you know. I like to go to the gym and go from one exercise machine to the next so everyone. So there's a dispute about it but who is ride news wrong and read so that to me is really no ride in the wrong. I think what it is is if if someone feels like the Republican Party has left them the Dan relieving the Republican Party but the Republican Party is left them therefore IFA perfectly fine find stepping out of the Republican Party become an independent. That's derogatory. I I think that if it makes them feel good. I support that one hundred percent and I would endorse a candidate that anytime because to me. It's comes always down to one thing whereas the hot of that candidate is it really help people always into kind of like to support the Party and be a party. Hack d wear that. You're going to be the last one left. No this many indium too. Many of us have been thinking about. You know the guy that I always love talking to that kind of things like me is John Casick and and he and I we both say there's so many of us out there in no. It's it's very clear that people are not you know people try to be supportive of the trump and that's good report. Republicans should be supported trump especially some who were. I'm very very supportive of some of the issues that the deals with and I'm not support. If any comes to the environment you have a lot the thoughts about all this. Do you think about what you want your role to be over the course of this next year and as the country figures out what its future is politically you you know. I won't be as supportive as possible to get things done. And to demean the America is the most important nothing not a political position and That's why I have no interest in running myself. Why knitting for Senator for Congress or anything like that Can't I can't really imagine you as a freshman member of the house will be overnight senior member just because of But the but the but I just I think I can do a lot of good from the outside. I became very passionate about issues interesting. Thing is that when I ran my wife said to me you know that you will be very good in politics and it will be very good in running for office competitive. You know exactly how to sell yourself how to communicate an office causing you're very disciplined and moving around and to get to the to the rallies and to fire them up and you always if the energy knows but I ran deal when it comes to sitting in your office and doing policy you will get bored put.

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