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Really prototypical Patriot type of player Patrick Stewart is probably going to be a top ten top 15 pick but he's definitely a patriot type of corner, press 15 to 25. Maybe. I don't know. It depends on who you ask for. Now on Caleb Farley has a lot of people dead. Spooning as well because of his athleticism. But either way he's going to be in the top ten top fifteen of the NFL draft JC horn I think is another guy who might be the most physical Corner in the entire draft, right? He plays a really physical brand of football both against the past and in run support he can tackle he can really play press man coverage. He's got fluidity. He's got all the man coverage skills in the world that you're going to want to stop all skills is. Lengths. He went to South Carolina just like Gilmore, right? You know there there's a lot of things that he resembles in a patriot type of corner as well. So there are guys in the draft especially at first round conversation at fifteen that the value is going to be there and the skill set and the translation into the Patriots defense is 100% going to be there now. None of us really want our closing time for the Patriots to take the corner in the first round necessarily, but if they lose a guy like Gilmore, they need to have somebody in that spot that can start and play productively right away. You can't really go off. With all let's see what happens with Joanne Williams at that spot or let's put Jason McCourty there at that spot of his age. I think that's a losing proposition. So somebody next to the other side of Jesse Jackson may be a ready tailor-made corner and I think it's there's a bunch of options in the first round there that I just mentioned. I don't know if Farley is necessarily their type of guy. He's pretty raw but Patrick's aren't and JC horn in particular two guys that definitely check a lot of boxes for the Patriots. Yeah. And I mean, I it's an interesting point about Gallup you kind of just trade one need for another I I'm still you know, I think they can get a first-round pick them trading in to the top fifteen within they're not going to do that. But again a team like the Packers that the windows so small, what does that first round pick really do for them right by the time that guys ready to go off is Aaron Rodgers even still there? Okay. So like I look at that and I think it just makes all the sense in the world for them to bring in a veteran. There's not a ton they can do with that pic. I know you have to figure out the cap side of it but the dog As Belichick lights to say can be maneuvered so I'm not I don't know like if you trade for a guy like Michael Gallup, right who you just brought up.

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