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Two-term president with no worry that he'll be kicked out of office. Yes he'll do anything. Yeah Anything Jon. Favreau is the host of the Wilderness which is out with a new season. And he's from Pod Save America thanks. Thanks for having me go. Donald trump trump is. He will tell you a critic an opponent of war but he's also a huge fan of war crimes as he tells us in so many ways from his advocacy of torture to his repeated threats to attack Iranian cultural sites to his advocacy of killing the wives and children of Isis fighters. But we're fighting a very politically correct war with the terrorists. You have to take out their families when you get these terrorists. You have to take out their families that from Fox and friends and war criminals so it shouldn't be a surprise given the opportunity both back a horrific weapon that the world has shunned and also to stick it to the Obama Administration. Trump would pretty much trip over himself. Detonating that tripwire. Yup We're bringing back land minds secretary of Defense Mark Esper- made the announcement at a Pentagon briefing. I'll just say this much Landmines or one of very many other important tools. What's that our commanders have available to them on the battlefield to Shape the battlefield and to protect our forces At the end of the day we WANNA make sure that we have have all the tools in our tool kit that are legally available and effective to ensure our success and to ensure the protection of our soldiers. Sailors sailors airmen marines. I have a hammer in my toolkit that hammer attacks now's have a saw in my toolkit that tax would some people actually have explosives in in their toolkit that attacks rock but is done when you're done exploding I have nothing in my toolkit that I leave behind and years later it attacks. Children toolkit tool kit I have heard. The most gung-ho soldiers sailors airmen marines say they want body armor they want better guns they wanna B two Stealth fighter. I rarely here. We want landmines. If only I could put a munition in the ground which tears the legs off a small child or anyone else when stepping on landmines are a useful actually in the Korean Peninsula to dissuade the standing army of North Korea from moving south but once land mines are used they rendered ground deadly for years to come. It is an admission that there is no hope for that territory the only use of that land is henceforth to be a killing field. There are no theaters that we're engaged in other than the Korean Peninsula where that logic applies. We don't want to salt and then arm the earth in Iraq or even ring in say Helmand province to him the Taliban into Afghanistan. We don't want to concede that the land is lost. Land mines Are Y- ah are an important tool that our forces need to have available to them in order to ensure mission success and in order to reduce risk to forces that that said in everything we do. We also want to make sure that that These instruments in this case. Land mines Taken account both The safety of employment and and the safety two civilians and others after a conflict and I think that that policy the mark asper is talking about states that the operational use of land mines will require. They have a self deactivation. Or self destruct feature of course if you yourself are in the vicinity of a landmine that self destruct feature will also destruct instruct you the Pentagon actually has invested more than one hundred million dollars in the Gator land-mine replacement program which aims to produce a smart smart landmine. Sure people fear. They're smart speakers. Good luck with these smart landmines. Popular Mechanics describes the development of that system under the headline the. US Army is trying to design a civilian safe. Landmine sub had the service is trying to design a mind that doesn't kill or maim civilians but it may have created created entirely new weapon system. I guess this is what they mean when they say creative destruction the new system is that there will always be a human being in the loop monitoring via drone on the battlefield and essentially setting off the minds after say tanks have roll through the area tanks tanks rolled through. What is this World War? Two Point Oh well yes. A justification put forth for the new system. Is that the Russians and the Chinese could be threats and if they start behaving in the threatening manner well mine of course the safety and efficacy of land mines really of all weapon systems has been oversold in the past land. End Mines used in the first Gulf War. We're supposed to safely deactivate self-deactivate but many didn't and many more were duds they say the extreme heat in in Kuwait complicated their intended function. I guess that shouldn't be a problem. In Iraq has with so many initiatives of the trump administration. What would be a concerning policy? Even if it was undertaken by the most competent people in the world turns into a disquieting potentially disastrous undertaking the military. It is mostly competent. But they do love things that go boom. They don't Fred about costs and by costs. I mean costs dollars or costing the standing in the eyes of other nations. One hundred sixty of which have signed the anti-landmine treaty. The point of civilian oversight of the military terry is to have a commander in chief who is acting in the best interests of the country militarily diplomatically and ideally morally the trump administration all. You have is a reflexive antipathy for whatever Obama did an knee-jerk bellicosity that makes trusting their judgment. Impossible that's it for today show. Priscilla A- lobby is the gist associate producer. Sure she knows that the issue of land mines is quite a landmine and she wants to take a howitzer or a flame thrower to it. She was afraid it would all blow up in our face. Daniel schrader produces suggest. He's eating. lasagna the gist. The new land mines with human trigger is lucrative business for the weapons for that gets the contract. That is why they're salesforce is trying to land manned land mines man did island that project do prue and thanks for listening.

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