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Driving by a straight it After all this still going? Goodness, let it go. Six away here in the morning to you. Welcome to Thursday, everybody. Good Looking day. Partly sunny and 80 today. Tomorrow, we back down into the seventies. Tomorrow's like our dip day We get a little bit of dip down into the seventies. But then the weekend looks great Sonny. Mid eighties or if I had a pool in my backyard, maybe nights when it would be nice. It was. We're at actually friendly radio. We're 60 right now and coming up this morning for you on the show. Dirty work. If you missed yesterday will catch up with the rewind it around seven Good, dirty work this week. Plus, we're going to talk about the couple who decided to take a gap year from their marriage. That's interesting. We'll talk about that in today's Give me your two cents and Jonas Brothers. We have tickets starting next week. Well, we'll let you know exactly what you need to do to get those tickets. So that you are ready to go by Monday, Plus in about 20 minutes to Daisy. On this eve, the Walla pollutes the lineup is just I mean, whether you're four years old or 99, you will enjoy this. It's like everybody in the Wiggles. Yeah, it's great, So we'll have that line up for you coming up in about 20 minutes. We'll talk about Paul Mooney, who passed away yesterday as well and death by but strangulation. That's the thing It happened. Yeah, but before we get to that, let's start the show with a sophisticated theme today. Uh, someone asked 2000 Americans to name the top things that make someone seem like a sophisticated adult. You'll recognize these things because you do none of them. I'm number one. Having an opinion on the stock market, 38% says. It shows you're sophisticated. Well, if you haven't paid for it is an opinion of stock market. I love this stuff. What's your opinion? Stock market? E. Don't play it. That's their Xenia number deal. Being able to discuss different types of wine or things like Scotch. Oh, no, I'm not their nasty Not even there yet. Number three wearing expensive clothes That's clearly not this group number four going to museums, museums. Children's museums were real. I don't get Children. Okay, alright. Understands gonna I'm like I'm like You can't take Kobe to a dinosaur museum ago. We went to the museum this week. Yeah, number five being able to discuss current events. Well, that depends. Discuss them intelligently or discussed them because I could discuss everybody discusses more baseball, So they're obviously not sophisticated. I could discuss them. I don't know if I could discuss them intelligently. Well, that's the list. 2000. Americans say that Z do you Do you do anything in your life that you Considers sophisticated or when you're doing it. You kind of feel like this is sophisticated. What we're doing. Is there anything like that? Um, cheese. You can't pronounce you eat. That is the reason. Yeah, you shot okay. You shop at Trader Joe's right. Okay. That's kind of sophisticated. Can that count? Or is that too? That too open to the everybody Now how we to open and you don't feel little snooty walking in Trader Joe's idea in $8 for a banana when we go to win, Shaggy family goes to a restaurant they give us like forks and knives were like Look at this. This is sophisticated s a little different societies scale there from museums to shaggy. You just think eating with metal utensils. This sophisticated deal. Listen like classical music when I clean, do you? Yes. And you do it in the nude. No. Okay, So what? That make it sophisticated? Yeah, Of course. I've considered the fact that I do crossword puzzles in pen sophisticated That is that's commitment, like there's no going don't do pencil. I knew pain and it's like I have to make a mistake now and then, but damn it. I did it in pen and that shows that I'm smart enough to do it, Ben. That makes me sophisticated, were committed by the way. Most of the crossword puzzles are out of Mia's Barbie and Palm Patrol coloring book. There's only two downs and to cross, right. Yes, and usually bark is one of the world. It's usually one of the words going, but still sophisticated. So when we come back next on the sea Morning, Zio we say goodbye to Paul Mooney. A man who you probably if you don't know the name. You definitely know what he did for Chappelle Show, but he did a lot more than that. Radio dot com is now Odyssey. Download The Odyssey app a U D A C wife and listen to Z one. Oh, four and all the music news, sports and podcast that move you it's Jane and my favorite part about a Kiwi co create coming to the door is you instantly have a project you can do with your kids that doesn't involve a screen. I've done everything from painting to.

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