Rachel Sutherland, Marijuana, Nancy Pelosi discussed on Glenn Beck


One zero three one WG wine top story. The speaker of the house says she's not interested in impeaching President Trump boxes. Rachel Sutherland saying. He's not worth it. House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the Washington Post that unless there's something compelling overwhelming and bipartisan in peach mint is not the way to go because it divides the country. Not all Democrats agree with speaker Pelosi amid a flurry of house investigations conscience. John Yarmuth told CNN to me, it's not a question of whether it's a question of win in probably right now is not the right time. But I think at some. Point. It's going to be inevitable in Washington. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News looks like advocates of recreational marijuana in New York state may have to wait a bit governor says he's no longer confident Eakin get it in the budget this year there is a wide divide on marijuana. I believe ultimately, we can get there. And we must get their David Holland is with the national organization for reform of marijuana laws or normal tells news channel thirteen time for New York to catch up. Drug. Demonized. Not only unfairly but without any true scientific basis. Dhillon makers could still take up the issue before the session ends in June me too moment for Senator Kirsten gillibrand. Politico says former staff members accusing another of harassment and says he remained on the job despite the allegations staff member claims she sent a letter to Jila brand describing frustrations saying her office wasn't doing enough to address the charges reports indicate the man at the center of the allegations identified as Abbass Molly of staff Nyland was recently fired after another allegation of harassment. Former sergeant with the Saratoga county sheriff's office is headed to prison for seven years for possessing child pornography..

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