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In other words, the laws of physics are independent of the time parameters positive or negative sign and that implies that there's a symmetry and that going back in time. Could in fact be possible. What I'm connected to in. My research is the ultimate origin of the universe, which seems to be in one class of models. The ultimate stopping point. In other words. There's a time before which you could not return. So if time travel is possible, it would it would beggar, you know, a lot of questions, for example, what if you tried to teleport back to before there was a universe teleport into that's a question. And so the the main focus to answer questions. I don't know. I don't think anybody knows when time travel will be possible. But I will say that it's not believed to be fundamentally forbidden by the laws of physics. And as the late. Great Richard Feynman said and others have said anything, that's not forbidden is mandatory are right. I I actually really liked that as one of those people with oppositional defiant disorder. Just resonates with me. So you're you're saying, I maybe it's possible. It certainly hasn't been proven impossible that we'll have time travel at some point. But you're looking at the beginning of the universe. And certainly you'd want understand that. So what's your current theory? Are you a big bang guy? I remember my son's like daddy. I'm grateful for the big bang because without it. There wouldn't be anything like that's pretty cool gratitude, but I'm not sure that's true. The right so throughout human history and even back to the, you know, biblical days. So, you know, not taking a position on religiosity. If you think about it the the bible begins with basically, the big bang. You know, how did the universe begin? And why is that the rest of the books about, you know, like different kinds of food. You can't eat with other types of food, or you know, ways that you do this or that for a tribe of nomadic Semites in the bronze age, so why did it begin with the big bag? And I think the big bang is a story. It says it's built into our consciousness as human beings. This quest that must have an origin. Human beings are very uncomfortable with there not being with their with them not being in the middle of a story and media, raise it's called almost everything your life. I mean, you'll only know who your dad was. Because your mom told you and you trust your mom, right? So he's twenty three meter verify. That's that's true eating and. But if you go back in time far enough, you might reach a time where there was no you're not in the middle of anything here at the beginning of it. So what's so interesting to me is that throughout human history from the ancient Greeks as I said from the bible to the ancient Greeks to modern day. Einstein himself believed the universe was static unchanging any terminal and the bible was sort of sending an opposition to that with the with could be read into it that there was a beginning time equals zero. What's so interesting to me is throughout the last hundred years, the more that we learn about the conditions that prevailed at the earliest epoch that we can measure, which is my field of study. We are learning that it's a potentially impossible to know not only if there was a big bang. In other words, if there was a single big bang, but we may not be able to ever to know if there are other universes with their own big Bang's of called the multi verse and similarly Wieman up the L to know if our own universe is just one cycle out of a potentially infinite number of. Bangs and collapses and big banks and big and big crunches throughout eternity truly eternity and the human brain is, you know, even with all the octane oil in the world..

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