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Back here at FedEx forum, it's over the U of Enzo winner Tigers knockoff East Carolina in the thriller. Seventy eight seventy two time now in the locker room for the penny. Hardaway postgame show brought to you first Tennessee Bank, the official Bank of the Tigers. Congratulations coach on the win. Now nine and six on the year and tenants six. I know I'm looking at your score thing we have to tell these guys to give us that win. I I know you you try to shake things up today. You started all five seniors fell behind by fifteen sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, well, you know, we were really doing it to try to get tolerant Thuan understand it is a daily basis when you come in and you have to work hard. They started feeling like that days were easy. Stop working hard started coming into practice a little later had to push the entire practice. Go hard. So just kind of put the seniors out there as a, hey seniors. Go ahead and showed his Jacques. Here's how it's supposed to be done. And they did a horrible job of showing it. I mean, sometimes you had down days, but. Down days from your seniors. I wanna talk about positives. But there are some concerns here. I know we'll we'll let let's get those out of the way right off the bat you win this game. So that's the best part? But you know, you're talking about effort and defense, and I know that was a big thing this week. And this was a team that got some blow buys at the beginning of the game. And they also just killed you on the boards. Forty four thirty one nineteen offense rebounds. There was one point in the game. You took Davenport out and admit court was showing him out of lockout Keven like I said, he's he's a guy that has to be pushed a lot during the games. He's so talented and like I keep saying offensively. There's no one that can guard but defensively he will fall asleep. Sometimes he doesn't want to rebound sometimes you don't want to box out. And then he'll go through a spurt where he's rebound and everything and adobe supposed to do it as a Saint, you're that's kind of tough. But I mean, he's he's one of our best players and he's our most consistent player now. But the energy level just wasn't up for him early. Which is like a lot of the games. It hasn't been up. And they usually around the second half they start to come around. So. Man. We just go to we're going to need the energy and effort level from the seniors to be way hard. And what it was today? The rebounding thing does that concern you a bunch. That's two games in a row Houston in this in this game where they killed you on the offensive glass. Well, it is concerning because we go to the games understanding what it's all about. We can stop their offense. We could make a mystery shop, but we have to get the rebound. And I don't think these guys understand the magnitude of give it up nineteen offense rebounds. You know when you lose the game. They look at it like, yeah, we we we got smashed. But we'll get back. You know, the next game, but do better, and then you come home, and you lose the rebound about get smashed on a rebound. Those guys just wanted it more. And that's that's the hardest thing when I talked to the team is hard. We allow teams to want more than us. If we have a common goal of making it to the NCAA tournament one guy that I I do think really helped turn it around in the second half in particular wanting giving you that effort was Antwan Jones, and you did have on the positive side here. Six guys in double figures. Yeah. We I mean, it's never Antoine's basketball. Talent is more. So mental with him a lot of things that he has gone on and Thuan county. Yes. The be pushed a lot. But he's still talented. So coming into the game and doing what he did we expect it, you know, we want it for more minutes in the game. But we really expect him to come out there and make things happen. We scored a basketball, and it's no secret we've been score eighties nineties for the last month month and a half. It's just we can't stop anybody. We got to be able to get defensive stops, consecutively. And then get out in baskets since you talk about defence you turn this game around when you were down fifteen by going zone. You went to that zone in critical times in the second half. When you fell behind to is that becoming your bread and butter. Yeah. Because we can't guard man to man right now the way we really want to you know, that's one of the things that we have to make teams contested jump shots. And then we gotta go get the rebound in its own. The Garza told to go rebound. So it's just breaking a lot of bad habits. Man. We're working on in practice. We're talking about it consistently and constantly talking about it. And it's just not translating and carry it over to the game with the guys I have to ask. Ask you about Alex Lowe, Maxine only got to play about two and a half minutes. He was coming up, and nobody called out the screen, and I mean, I felt it for him. He really went down and that poor kid really tried to get up. I mean, he wanted to get back up and help you. But even the referee said you've got to send them send them out. And I know he never came back in the game. Can you give us an update on him? Yeah. Alex's concussion protocol. We don't know if he actually has a concussion, but he was a little dizzy, and he plays so hard and running into their screen. That was definitely a big man's Paul because he didn't call screen out too far back, and Alex was pressuring the ball and got hit solid in his head hit flush right into a share. So to me, he's he's gonna is probably going to be, you know, a minor concussion because he's still walked back out there. And he still was on the bench. He wasn't in the back. So we gotta get him checked out and make sure he's okay. But we'll rest in the next couple of days and make sure everything is good. But it was a big loss for us not to have him out there because he's one of our better defenders and in the end, you do show guts and come back, and even when you get close and fall behind again. You figure out a way to win the game. What was the big keys for you guys to start doing what we have to do to win the game? The thing that we started we needed to start the game doing playing more desperate contested more shots going to get more rebounds more loose balls and making themselves asserting themselves into the defensive end. And and make them more assertive efforts to go get baskets instead of shooting threes them getting into paint. So I mean, we know what to do is. Yes. I guess when we got to the point that where we get desperate. We started play harder. Now, the double double for Keven, e even though we we know he had some defensive lapses here. Fourteen and eleven that's who he is. I mean today was a really bad Abraham, and he's still got fourteen hundred eleven then let you know what his his potentially is on his team when he's when he's bringing it up every minute that he's out there. Plano's plano's, tough minutes, two minutes. Daddy, get every every second that he's out there. And here you are not your best game either. But you end up winning and you end up winning by six seventy eight seventy two we'll take ugly wins. This would have been a sad deal. If we would lost his game at home because you can't lose the games at home. You gotta protect your home court in ECU, credited him and Joe Dooley. Coach duly they came in. And did a great job they energy early and they pushed us early again. And we have to come back and fight to get the win. But we'll take another win. Yeah. They're they're going to be tough in Greenville. I can tell you that Cincinnati already knows that. So you're up next on the road. It's New Orleans team. That is struggling I gotta believe that somewhere down the road during your NBA career. You ran into Mike Dunleavy. Absolutely. I played against Costa on the teams over the years. And he's very smart you'll have them well prepared, and we're giving them all kind of amunition if you're just play hard. You can beat members. That's what teams are saying now. And that's just that's totally disrespect. In these players have to feel that and have to go out there and play with more heart more fire, more passion, and we have to do that to win the game on the road at at today. Congratulations coach win number ten to one in the league. I know it will get better. Thank you. That is penny. Hardaway brought to you by first Tennessee Bank. The official Bank of the Tigers. I think. Am I getting a player? Should I take a break? We'll let Robert b our producer here. Let us know exactly what we should do. Again. The Tigers are winners. They were behind by fifteen in the second in the first half cut it to four at the break. Forty two thirty six and then out. Really outfought East Carolina very game team by ten in the second half. They win that period. Forty two thirty two and ended up winning by six seventy eight seventy two we mentioned now they are tended six two and one in league play. We'll take a break. We'll get a couple of players here in just a minute or two and this is tiger basketball from learfield. IMG college. Hey, tiger fans were the heading into the FedEx forum on travelling to an.

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