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And with these tickets is like, how am I supposed to pay for this? That was Chicago residents. Sandra Patel, Elliott WBZ has scrutinize, the city's more general towing practices for several years. How have you seen things change over the years? We're seeing a lot more attention to my colleague, Melissa Sanchez at propublica Illinois in Iowa, we, we chained up sort of figure out what was going on. She did this breakthrough article on bankruptcy and license suspensions that were happening Chicago became, like, the, the chapter thirteen capital in the United States. And we were just also suspending license licenses at a crazy rate. And a lot of that came from Rahm Emanuel when he came into office. He doubled the fines and fees. It's a sort of recoup. Rates city coffers after the recession, and when that happened it sort of was assuming that a lot of things were working properly. But it was when you increase those fines and fees it a lot of things could go wrong, and so, Sandra. She got hit with something called the city sticker ticket in, in Chicago. We have a road tax. And we put put a sticker on the windshield when you paid a row tax, and it costs about ninety something dollars and we have to get these every year. But the ticket for is about two hundred dollars. And if you don't pay it on time, doubles, all the tickets in Chicago double if you don't pay it on time. So a lot of people are getting hit with these city sticker tickets that were two hundred dollars at double to four hundred and then the they will add a collections costs on top of that. If you're late, so it'll be about four hundred eighty eight dollars. So you can imagine Sandra, actually got several of these societas already thousands of dollars in debt when she got impounded at a one hundred and fifty dollar Towfighi. It's twenty dollars per day storage fee and then after day, number five it goes up to thirty five.

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