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Here high atop Chicago in the sky line studio on the line with us now you think of all of the great Kerr stores were Chicago land the world really but Chicago is great love affair with the automobile and and I think it is in its finest form when we come auto auctions comes to Chicagoland area Schomburg specifically for that thirteenth year and on NBC sports the guy who is not only the the voice of me Quemado options on television and in person but I think other than the cars at the physical embodiment of the entire thing is one of only John Craven John welcome to WGN eight thanks same days rapidly one though this is exciting this is exciting it's in kind of the most if you drew it up on paper had a boardroom decided what would be the way to go with entertainment the most kind of unlikely way because I have always been shocked and surprised at how entertaining it is here you know it's great for the cars you know it's great for the enthusiast and certainly for those buyers and sellers but for for as an entertainment product the the shows are great well you make a good point in you know a lot of people are familiar with legal margins on television are being on the air since two thousand eight watch out really to attend the meet the marching in person really helps tie everything together match sock you know the word we're trying to spread to get out there is is this is not all about buyers and sellers of course at the heart and soul of the Congress of it but we really honestly we welcome spectators and visitors to all of our options be able to come in and take a look at the cars to watch on the auction action say hello to us that they might not be familiar with on television we love to interact with our with our viewers and what a lot of people described as attending the best car shoulder I called a partial it says what it is John you are right there are so many great cars was in cruise nights all around Chicago in the take over downtown to communities all over the place and things like that but you think about this and you're looking at around a thousand cars and these are not just random cars that people brought in with you know a handful of really cool ones these are all really really great cars and I agree with you there's no substitute for being there in person in become dot com for twenty dollars in advance thirty dollars at the door you get in there get up close and personal with all of those all of those cars and so when it comes to the market shopper here obviously been here a bunch of times and and so as a place that's been very very well received in coming up the twenty fourth to the twenty six but as you travel around the country are there areas that are kind of more into it than others well you know the nice thing about legal options it is this we are auction company for everyone from entry level collectible cars which might be fine really apologize and maybe even as low as five thousand dollars on up to multiple six figure cars and that theme and that's a loss of he has allowed me promotions to grow to be the world's largest by far but the fact that we have something for everyone in every one of the regions of the country that we can means that were out there for everybody now that I've said that there are a few regions across the country the check to the California but the moderate option August we shift gears a bit we specialize more towards the European exotics the big prewar classics I'll tell you man the heart and soul but mecum auctions is all about and our Chicago auction at the Charlotte convention center is a perfect example that is chock full of fifties from their cars sixties muscle cars core that's your represent about ten percent of the total inventory in one one's largest image or that's hours while trucks are really strong and once again Paul Christ reaches sell more than likely if there's a car not comes out of the box whether not they decide to sign up as a better and get that stuff to them but one unlikely they're gonna find more than just the vehicles that I get a good I'm pretty excited you get some of those cars that are really stars kind of crown jewels and we had your Pete non blaster talk a little bit about his dad you know Walter Payton football icon his portion and some that are sort of like celebrity kind of cars but there is and this is for the listeners to is there are so many great cars out there that I would consider to be like incredible bargains like you can actually you think okay you're in a bidding situation it seems like it's always going to be you know expensive in a lot of competition but you can get some really good deals what we do in one of the ways to be able to do that is is to remove the inventory in advance or me come back calm easy to navigate take a look the card to to search function really easy to navigate that and and then shot to the auction a little bit early you know certainly before the vehicles coming at the box and take a look at the variety the different vehicles that you might have a particular interest in and be ready register and be ready to fit on the cars because I can't tell you how many people are so disappointed that and I know little would've gone for that I would have been a hundred dollars in advance to sign up as a better yeah a hundred dollars just sign in advance if you do if the spirit moves you know it's a little bit closer and on site it's just two hundred dollars you can get in there and get a part of the image of the muscle cars in those are as a team photo of of cars that people love in kind of a door whether it's the the corvette through the the heavies are the the GTOs the Chevelles and all that kind of stuff but at being a guy that's been around for a long time certainly those cars are kind of the bread and butter but the other cars that you're surprised about that are kind of coming to the forefront are finding their way into sort of new popularity like the Broncos or something maybe even some of the more recent kinda not super high end sports cars that it just becomes super collectible yeah there's actually there's a couple of market segments of just shocked and Stardust that we're obviously very active in keeping I and number one you mentioned articles but usually the first Gen chronicles which your sixty six to seventy seven they've exploded in popularity and then a tracking a slightly younger demographic which is totally fine our what we were purchased rush to much of the jury cars which loosely defined as a vintage car but yet has had modern upgrades do too well engines transmissions breaking suspension very popular used cars are typically pretty expensive because the craft and build and create a modified vintage car with modern components it's not inexpensive but huge market all lots of aftermarket companies out there that are specializing in that and that continues like I say to generate interest with with potential buyers that appreciate the modern technology but yet just understand the allure of the appeal of the appearance and the reputation of the vintage cars gently from the fifties and sixties style now John lets listeners or talk with John Craven from me come auto auctions come into Schomburg the renaissance over there twenty four through the twenty six we'll have all the links up WGN radio dot com we'll hear about people taking a certain job or go in certain places because there's maybe an employee discount or things like that the immortal words of Tony Montana out but you don't get high and your own supply there are there are moments where we were you or the rest of the week of staff are either are are you you find yourself in a weak moment like either getting the cars to does that does John Craven have a whole garage for the cars from the auction well the answer is yes I do the good news is the good news is as my out the last couple of acquisitions my very modestly to six farms which means my six car garage is not full were purchased in fact from become auctions but I'll tell you and it takes it takes restraint it takes our understanding that we're gonna be exposed to so many great cars they're gonna have appeal to all of us is twice that not only all of us that are now just on the TV show but I'm always as well you're just so immersed in a and were also into these cars it's a total lifestyle this is not your normal job we eat live and breathe cars and soul she is the key at least for me is to identify what our wiring handful of the really good or to cars you always want to have your tire light and then make a plan to achieve it known them and I'm there well you do I would I would not I would be in some some scary territory there because but if you have a plan like you said that's it make a plan execute it hopefully a lot of listeners will be making a plan to get out there see you in a thousand cars out in Schaumburg for the twenty fourth of the twenty six at the at the renaissance so John thanks so much for what you do we're gonna let you get back to of making not only great opportunities for car fans but also some great television and thanks for jumping on the show today eight days where the.

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