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Diagnosed with the corona virus the woman who is in her sixties was recently returned from China she's in stable condition doing well the city says there's no reason for the rest of us to worry a worker at naval station Great Lakes was taken into custody after driving past security in directly on to the base he has legal access to the base but it prompted a lockdown for time and two people are confirmed dead after a massive explosion at a Houston industrial company the police chief says authorities don't believe this morning's explosion was intentional or criminal investigation is under way sports the all star break continues for the NHL the bulls are home tonight against Sacramento in college basketball Marquette travels to Butler and Wisconsin is in Indiana to take on Purdue your money on WGN the Dow is currently down a hundred forty two points the nasdaq down sixty and the S. and P. five hundred down twenty eight I'm super tried on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN I guess Steve Burke trend John Williams here following the sports wagering world this and penny out of it she visits with this frequently now and again you hear his voice on a radio station any coal host actually one of the podcast that we do here legal face off or MC's it or something like that sees is a great word now by the couple quick calls about something that you brought up Gail you're on WGN Hey Gayle you're on the air what we do for you yeah I just wanted us say that Michael Jordan in the time that he was in his prime I was on a tour in Florida and then you know and they from people from all over the world and I'll go in Florida and on the ship was people from Sweden they couldn't speak English and and they were asking people where you from and we said Chicago and the Swedish people with broken English said Michael Jordan yeah in the end it was all but and then they were like and they were smiling there they were Michael Jordan and he wanted to practically touch me as though I was a representative of with Jordan same thing happened two years later when we were in Mexico City with that and we couldn't speak Spanish and they couldn't speak English and and and we were talking to a couple that could and they and then they were saying and we were at the same standard they said will be we said and we said we're from Chicago and the guy goes Michael Jordan international language to work yeah the only thing we could connect with anybody in the world what is Michael Jordan so he was yeah like like few people have been in our lifetime I mean you probably count on two hands the number of people that transcend Muhammad Ali whoever the pope is at that time I mean Jordan is in that arena just the basketball player from North Carolina everybody knows twenty three ironically because of the Olympics because finally the NBA was leading players go back to the Olympic play of the Dream Team in ninety two he is the that's all he's got he changed he took the game from America to around the world it didn't hurt that he was selling Hanes underwear and coca Cola Nike shoes like that too and he was always a positive shiny face and we were the beneficiaries of that I think that way if you said to people in Mexico or China or Florida right now Chicago what comes to mind it might even Michael Jordan how coupon but Al Capone in the gangsters which is weird because we don't even think about that and it's it's not really a component of our personality it's not contemporary at all and then crime I think people think of Chicago is a place where there's a lot of gunfire we need another Michael Jordan real quick call before we go back to the prop that Tate Chuck jump in there you're on the air high hello last summer Dennis McKenna and who's on the eighty five bears came out with a book about the eighty five bears and he swore one hundred percent guaranteed that Mike Ditka had a prop that that will last for the first touchdown maybe what I get your point Sam that what a stupid bet because you can't make that much money on it relative to what you gain if you play the game if they're get caught to your court cook do you buy that checked is the it does that sound to you believe that truck he was he was doing he was doing radio interviews and that was the that was the one story he was telling to sell the book McKenna well that's a good way to sell a book I say that lot of athletes so it's a lot of things that weren't true let's be clear about that it's a great story thanks for the call man yeah have a good day profits okay what we got all right I told you earlier Robbie goal total points eight and a half would you make up your mind yet over under I'm gonna go the over Kay and you're one of the greatest kickers as ever graced Chile I did kick for both men okay and the wheels of Joliet junior college Juliet area sorry so radical total points eight and a half so the point spread on the game Kansas city Las Vegas as Kansas city's a one point favor so essentially flip the coin it's going to be a toss up game total in the game is fifty four or fifty five depending on which the gas station that I go to write a check seven it is fifty five twenty correct so was that sound like a score that is V. you've nailed it that is the projected final score Kansas city twenty eight San Francisco twenty seven that's what the odds makers are telling you of course it won't land that way something wild will happen in this game and that's all these games go would you take the over or the under on then everybody's picking the over and that makes me scared everybody is saying the over the over the over patch my homes Kansas city fire hall pow pow pow and they said that last year and the final score was one thirteen the three it was one of the worst games we ever watched and that total sixty are you kidding who played last year seven public hearings and ran you know more than you let on I don't even know that you know you they are the best ones that's writings down that's what makes me nervous because everyone everybody says pow pow pow pow usually we're out of gunpowder yeah okay give another prop that let's see only put this year there are literally thirty seven pages of props first rushing attempt by Jimmy go Rapallo who played a sizeable football in Illinois went to eastern Illinois first rushing attempts to make her apple of two and a half yards over or under really rational a sack is negative that counts really mother scramble does too and usually then they get past the line this great they that what if he gets one or two yards then you loose gonna do the over okay you're gonna take the over the longest touchdown of the game this is a fun one because this last the whole game longest touchdown of the game forty seven and a half yard really yes really so you're rooting for fifty on that one yeah I'm gonna kick return report return yeah I know Mr pow pow pow I'm going to go under I do know it will be a great game blah blah blah but forty seven you don't see that that often in the Superbowl I'll do the under first score of the game touchdown any other score really I get any other score lower that's a field goal or safety any other score pays you one point six two so a hundred make sure one sixty if you take any other score field goal safety Avenel Steve you got an opinion on this one well I was thinking safety right away yeah I did the bare started there's the kick return right now but that is not a set of Devin Hester year when Devin Hester ran the opening kickoff evac cure of fun fact about that the bears have not scored a point since Devin Hester opened up a twenty five to one to score the games for are you kidding when he five to one that's all I mean I know he was sensational that year but so I'm twenty five the one those are pretty high and that he did he told the opening kickoff back people must have been going crazy that had we I was at the game and then we stopped going crazy because Peyton manning tore us apart that's true okay so we are on before we do the forty seven yards was more just doing forty seven yards touchdown first record touched on any other store going to go with this Lester Maddox and you want to be I'll be under this is not the seven it's the three of the two this the most important one what color will the Gatorade B. that is dumped on the winning coach actually the the languages what colored liquid in case its water clear is an option orange yellow blue purple red what a caller is the area with the normally throw these days I'd like orange Gatorade aren't those containers usually orange usually a bucket with a lot of ice and a liquid the can sometime a coach what color is the liquid I get is that only the most popular prop is it really this and the coin toss I also saw will there be **** cleavage by J. lo no jail where I had while J. lo show cleavage will jail do this will jailer do that okay so I'm gonna go orange okay you're literally just throwing darts here that's the best part about it that's what you really did you have some it should I be more studied on the color of the beverage the point is all you're trying to do if your book maker is give me more serial and the serial I'll the more options I have the moral but people a bit of a coin flip it's one of the loudest moments in Vegas is not the dumbest that that's like an uncut gems were they bet on the opening tip and the guy looked him because that's the stupidest but you could make I have been in a sports book in Vegas during the Superbowl when the coin flip lands there's a lesion and there is in the sports will will be up or down thirty thousand dollars because nobody but still like really everybody pats tales we're talking to seventy percent of the money that comes in is on tales well then I would bet heads just because it's new call you you know you have no idea people better and that's the point well it is kind of fun and I think what that does is it enables people who don't know what the rushing statistics I don't know anything about football but I know fifty fifty that that's fun now it's just fun right that's a fund that national anthem went by the way minute fifty nine the boy who seem to get a middle of I don't give me a lot she's tight she's because I don't think she's a show off I'm gonna go under you never know sometimes a whole free for twenty seconds the whole band of the freeing glasses centering around you and you're looking at your and the home of the brave was my second the funny thing is to baseball football baseball we're some bizarre play happens at the end the guy dunks when he could dribble out or something lower to oh seven it's one oh five the one oh two and at the end of the game somebody goes on the floor and just windmills a dunk you think it doesn't matter but it does and all said money changes hands got another bad for me sent first rushing attempt no this is what I will tell you is that what a story Peyton manning total yards one year was two and a half full total rushing as arriving in about some upon here he he's on for at the end of the game and what does he do when they're in the victory formation he takes two steps back and take an amazing me and that's minus two yard he lands who so if you head over two and a half it was literally in the bag a call like two yards bag me even a two yards and they lose the last four thousand or you or you wouldn't be a for you when you take it all right symbol will of follow up on where the odds are in these may be the game what is the game going to be S. next Sunday not this obligation well maybe come by next Friday maybe maybe I well I'm Sam penny out of its watches the world of wagering force it's eleven forty three the bright side of life is your chance to tell us some good news in your world a call me right now Sam you might want to kick it off for us here three one two nine eight one seven two hundred some you're happy about can be large can be small that we want to start the weekend especially with the good grief every time I turn around the fog downtown Chicago is getting so much worse no let's have put a bright side on it now three one two nine eight one seven two hundred caller text right join Lou Manfredini at the old house.

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