Dublin, Amelie, Barbara discussed on Critical Role - Episode 20 - Trial of the Take Pt 3


My herd goes up and gone deployed as you guys crossed the way it's about a block up um one of them is partially inside alley between two the buildings so you can see has won him up on the wall the other down one of them is relieving himself on the side of the building while the other is can to watch arms crossed coconut across the road blunts amelie prison are before you can see is a human kind of a scruffy brown beard around the edge of the chin the haret self his cut very short and a little heavier and appearance bleed muscle little layer of of winter padding by the black leather armor definitely gives you the appearance of of somebody who was a bastion of their even queen as you approach the hooded healthy dorf walking which giant acts and the dublin dragging born the the human cleric with a very angry disposition and be awkward half elves druid stepping in pace within because y'all cursory look amelie puts a hand side reconsider rapier currently xiv i you walk with barbara's new oxford the guild claire sake it is it is a businessheavy in the seita tone than which is supposed to be all pass the walls killing creatures in such a business takes us for our business takes us business brings us here today or the muster business he might be having some trouble i while might be what's causing new trouble and what's going to get us added her might be the same thing gentleman the left of him finishes shaking off the rest of his uh.

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