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Health map dot com. Mental health map dot com To be empowered on your mental health and well being. Southland Weather from KFC Sunday tomorrow highs around 80 to 1 to one this report brought to you by mental health map. We're going to go back to the crash on the 101 in Calabasas. This one's on the northbound side coming up on Parkway, Calabasas. The two left lanes are blocked and delays are stacking up getting away from Winnetka. Let's get an update in Irvine with Michael Brian K F Eye in the Sky sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Ahead of Mess Down here in Irvine Looks like they're just cleaning things up. Work outside of the five at Irvine Center Drive. It looks like the right lane or to just clearing in the last few minutes here that's still recovering. That looks like back way back to the 1 33, and there's also a south beyond four or five here just approaching the Altera y past Irvine Center drive. They're coming out of the two right lanes there, And that's an extra tight coming out of Irvine. And I'm heading up towards Santa Ana. Now we've got a brushfire alongside the five there. That's the safety outside of the five at about 17 looks like a tree on fire right next to the freeway. Don't believe any lanes are blocked yet, but it's already building up quickly to the orange crash. Injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com Michael Brian K. F. I am this guy. Home past 15 north bound, slowing from the 2 15 to the 1 38 southbound ranchero Road to Cleghorn. KF eye in the sky. Help sketch you there Faster! I'm Angel Martinez. This Amazon is offering sign on bonuses of $1000 Plus get up to $20 an hour Select rules. The best part. We're.

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