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HD to Los Angeles. Orange County's live everywhere on the I Heart radio ad for the hard work. I'm Michael Crozier from the 24 hour news Room. L A County Sheriff Alex Villanueva says investigators have following some promising leads in the search for the man who shot two deputies in Compton divorce where exactly, it's going, but It's making healthy progress. So were we were hoping that it's gonna lead to ah, an arrest of the suspect and bring them to justice they officially deserves. Whoever told defies John and can show the injured deputies are in the intensive care unit in the hospital, but that no major organs were hit. The sheriff also says he has not heard from Lakers star LeBron James, whom the Sheriff Challenge to donate to the reward to find the shooter. Kobe Bryant's widow criticized the sheriff's challenge. Villanueva says he's simple sympathize with her loss, but it's not relevant to this case. The city of Louisville, Kentucky, is Agreed to pay $12 million to settle a lawsuit with the family of Briana Taylor. She's the woman shot and killed in her apartment in March when police served a no knock warrant looking for a boyfriend, Mayor Greg Fischer is this. The city has also agreed to Siri's of police reforms as part of the settlement. These air significant policy changes on top of many others that we've already made, including those that are part of Brianna's law. As well as changes to policies on use of force. And if tear gas would ever need to be used, says to improve community relations officers will be given incentives to live in certain low income parts of the city and time to volunteer with local organizations. Taylor's mother says the agreement does not settle everything. It's only the beginning of getting full justice for Briana Family says the officers involved should be arrested Activists, Tamika Mallory says the four officers should be indicted immediately to not Have an indictment happened in this city is to say that no matter how much we pay, no matter how much reform we do, we rather pay. We rather cover it then to deal with the issue, he says. If the officers were not prosecuted, the mayor should fire them. The mayor says he's going to wait for the investigation by Kentucky's attorney general Legos, replacing the plastic bags and box toy sets with paper. Besides the environmental benefit, Lego says paper bags are easier for kids to open. The company says Lego sets will be plastic bag free starting next year. Will phase out as expected to happen in the next five years. Southland weather from Ko Phi Clear skies smoke through the morning lows just above 60 degrees Clear and smoke all day. Today I've run 80th the beaches 90 Metreveli, Orange County 100 inland Empire in the valleys. Some winds going to start coming around Thursday to help clear the sky, but hopefully by the weekend a little bit anyways. Right now in Laguna Beach, 69 Orange 71, Santa Clarita, 70 West Covina 71 degrees We lead local from the K F 24 hour news room. I'm Michael closure. Working a problem in downtown L. A in the south instead of the 1 10 just before the 10 freeway. It's a multi car accident. Emergency crews on the scene. CHP has a main lines bottom, diverting everybody into the collective road.

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