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Is in theaters now stroked by j by all wanna he is director of the impossible and a monster calls starring chris pratt and bryce dallas howard rafe spall ten levine toby jones james cromwell and jeff goldblum who is a big actor in a small role in this film very very procreate was a cameo or small rural no small role because he's playing dot com he's playing in malcolm he's actually in one thing the beginning in one smalls the his seat at the end is a continuation of the beginning but it is very much tacked on very much like you can see the test audiences didn't like didn't respond to the end they wanted to the one i'm doing and they tacked it on it was out of place logan see this no no you're not you're not much more of the balls the balls were already like the little observation oh those those can be but no nothing good on the blue dinosaur that that that was kind of the nail blew up bigger character and james cromwell yes like i don't i don't need a dinosaur they call blue blue different colorings everyone can identify him because all the other dinosaurs look like it just seems to slobby fifty one percent of run tomatoes also case very fair this movie a couple of interesting scenes a few seen stick out there's a great scene where dinosaurs and a little girl's bedroom a great scene where to people trying to escape from dinosaurs holding cell and they get to like a fire escape ladder and the ladder of course all of those ones that falls down on it so a couple of very effective scenes credit words do j by ona i loved the impossible he's talented director but ultimately very dull movie this this is frankly very number there's a great scene where like so the whole premise of the movie is chris pratt first of all about a second just reminded me of the alien franchise where with the last movie especially but the last two also they have to keep get these characters keep making dumber and dumber decisions to get into the senator of these creatures like the audience is starting to lose credulity worth why would they do that and now they're going to great greater links they go back to this island willingly being pratt and wrestles after the gun gun took over complete disaster he didn't require every movie he didn't require a ton of armtwisting to go back to this almost certain death back roaming free what was the motivation i don't remember i think i think it was just to spite her like because they reflect like flirty right if i remember correctly but worse than that worse than that is they for some reason insist on bringing these two younger characters who are in brisighella bro south how remember she was employees now she's like a rights activists like dino right complete one eighty to the younger hipster kids in her office character really decided hey let's go to this island where shirt death rome's run every corner and they go and wouldn't you know some people killed out this or calling island oh kong's way yeah come that was fun at part this rampage rampage it seems like a brian movie what five years ago that's a brian movie far you've come a long way this isn't even spoiler so the you're gonna talk about this new dinosaur they've bread remember the the dominance wrecks that was the big one last yeah now this splice the dominance rex with velociraptor so they have the indo raptor it just keeps getting more and more absurd you can see the home and then like a canadian franchise mba franchise might be called the indo raptors off because the third act of this film is they bring all the dinosaurs back but not to a sanctuary they bring them back to auction them off to like underground like black market you know arms dealers and stuff like in mississippi that wanna have gator and there it's more like you know ukrainians they're gonna weapon exactly and the indo raptor is this magical isis go like a hand other other hands hands on on like the black friday they're just be no wrappers everywhere they release them in a walmart so the and that would be they wheel out all these diners the wheel at all these dinosaurs in of course these you have very high tech cages because they.

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