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To play the guest horns. I gotta keep refreshing because people have their morning routines and their ears are sort of trained. They're like, Wait, Wait, wait. I'm not hearing Polly. I'm out here in copes. They're back tomorrow. Everybody personal day. It's just one of these Haley's comet instance, where they both had a personal day, and it happened to land on the same day and that left me standing in the room all by myself. So I desperately called Carrie Crowley and said, We need to talk Giants baseball and we have by the way for the last 33 minutes been talking Giants baseball. And Kerry has jogged in from the bullpen. We've determined his walk up music will be call me. Maybe by Carly Jeff's S. Oh, yes, I'm looking forward to that rejoined coming up. All right. Guest list carries. You know you're You're a guest in my home here. So I'm gonna make you adopt the customs of our home here and that is participate in our Monday morning hums and bombs from babies and bomb babies. You ready to do it? But Can't wait can wait as a you know, when a guest comes to your home, and you want to give them something nice. I'm letting you do the optimistic side. You get the hum babies today. So you're three behind your three winners from the weekend. I'll come in with the negative. The three losers from the weekend. All right, Then you gotta tap out. You gotta go. So you gotta go because the Giants first full squad workout takes place today and you got to go see how Tommy let Stella looks. You gotta go see how Brandon Belt looks. Brandon Belt. That's a guy who hasn't talked a lot in the offseason. What's he doing, man? What's going on? Recovering from hell Surgeries. He wanted to be out there. Will he help Kerry? He wanted back there really? He'll be taking cuts somewhere, but probably not on the main field. Not doing anything in front of my eyes. And you know, they probably won't get let me get any closer than about 50 yards away from the field due to all of the covert restrictions, So I'll be looking through my binoculars and Brandon Belt. So are we already, haven't you with the Ba Knox doing some bird watching out there are we already going Wilmer Flores with one bag on opening night, then opening day. What? Marco Gonzalez is the guy. You gotta go. Wilmer Flores at first Donovan Solano, its second. Yeah, We need to talk about Solano. We need to get into on the inside. That's a rare moment with the Giants. Grind it a guide arbitration couldn't believe it could get anything. We need to get into that a little bit. Eight or so we're gonna send. Carry on his way to go Do his day job, hardworking kid getting up early doing this doing the morning show and then going to do the full squad workout. I'm gonna bring it. I'm telling you, it fan fest got me going. So I had Carrie come in for the first two hours today. I'm bringing in, Marty. I'm bringing I'm bringing in the mosaic. Here comes Marty. Are you kidding me? Because he'll be like, Why didn't you talk about the 1947 opening day? Left fielder Bob, I want to talk. New York. Gotham's baseball Murph. Why did you talk Giants? Remind me of the 18 97 Giants 19 related boss Staff 1940 to be ready for this. This is the Poly would be going nuts. 1947. Why didn't you mention opening day center? Fielder Fuzz White fuzz way. I'm not kidding, Carrie. I have the opening day lives in front of me. 1947 opening day, center fielder Fuzz White. He was he was already he was already doing. He had Mario Aaliyah toe on the first five minutes of fan fest, Murph and he's talking about Brett Butler. Brett Butler. Awesome. I mean, hey, 40. He's going back. I was listening to you guys early. Where was the Whitey Lockman talk. Where was he? All right, so anyway. Marty's coming in to give us the beauty that he gives us. I love Marty. I've known Marty a long, long time. So God bless him. 8 55 will be our daily dose of dubs and I teased it and we still haven't gotten to it. We gotta dive into this warrior situation from over the weekend. And then at 9 35 the great money pool to talk to us about Draymond, etcetera. See your When you come on here, I want to go. Jives Jives jives Chinese giants. I got to do my due diligence and talk a little warriors on the other side. But I am tempted to continue to pick your brain about Hagen tastes, so we'll figure it out Live on air. Next on.

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