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That's right. The ball's full. That's funny. What is particularly strong line with us. Oh, so high. You know, he's just talking about what blogs it has this. It has this really pretty chorus. It's just a gentle kind of quiet. It's a real dynamic changes to the rest of it. You're singing. My life is good, and but the irony of it is you realize that this is an insistence that your life is good in the face of emotional terror. He at the end of the sort of lows in my life is good. You will back. Schoolteacher. But I mean, I think it speaks to like it's funny you were talking about your father and his siblings kind of coming out of poverty, like struggling to come out of poverty and you know, like you grew up in, you know, the Westside of Los Angeles, you know, fancy show business people, I imagined. And you've lived to some extent a life in show business like your, you know, whatever you gotta go write a song I have. Yeah. Well, Tom, Hanks tells you whether it's good or not or whatever. You know there, there are plenty of folks who are in that situation who respond to it by being Bligh's. And it seems like it is giving you a really intense sensitivity to that blindness like a come on, like we're come on like, how can this is what? A, what a privilege it is to have this. Yeah, it's I wasn't exactly a trust. Fund kid wasn't all that. I mean as point I had living, it wasn't a dad wasn't rich by any means, and there was no glamour, particularly, you do music, you don't. You don't get to see Scarlett Johansson or anything. You get to see someone who picks up stuff that she forgot when she was making the movie. But. Yeah. I. Was in. UCLA where I went for eight years and it was writing an essay English class. And it was about just write about your neighborhood where you are. And I'd already songs and everything by this time. Didn't feel like turning one of those in? I wrote about a neighborhood, the neighborhood, my parents lived in because I still live there. Let's right. And I wrote it and Senate in about, you know, and he said, what he wrote on the thing was, you know, are you a shamed of being sort of well off? I mean, are these people really so awful. You know, and I knew that I know that all poor people aren't noble in all rich people aren't smokes. It is harder for Richmond to crawl through the IFA needle, you know. But I never thought I was that that I believe that this is good in this is bad. It's complicated so guy. He gave me a good grade, but he did remind me of that. My interview with Randy Newman concludes after a short break. When we return his song, I love LA. We get a definitive answer..

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