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And so Mike when we think of professional boxing you know most people don't typically think of Saudi Arabia. How did the fight end up there? There was a big bidding we'll bidding match for this fight. It was. It was between Principality Stadium in Cardiff Wales. which is a Dome Stadium? The around ninety thousand and before that there was talk of poisoning the Madison Square Garden. But at the last moment. Eddie hearn promoter. Josh was promoter received eight another twitter. The this was from Prince Khalid in Saudi Arabia. Saying that he he really wants to bring the fight here and Eddie admitted that is actually rooted. I kind of dismissed it. There's been so much talk over the years of a FICO means you buy or other places in the Middle East and it's always has been out there to kind of dangling and Mike tells a little bit about this Unusual stadium that they've built. It's actually on the site of UNESCO heritage location. which is I think there's a little will be more than eight hundred in the world? They built this in around six weeks. It's crazy it's fifteen thousand seats. I was there today and it's beautiful. It looks like there was a great sight. Sight lines all over the place giant video screens on all four sides should be a great setup for the fight and the crazy thing is part of being UNESCO heritage site you. I can only use it for six months. So they're going to have to tear down afterward and has the build up. Felt different in any way compared to other heavyweight bouts that you've been around it lines up with a a lot of other big fights in boxing war. Of course there was the rumble in the jungle between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali was Zaire Africa. You had the Thrill Manila One of the greatest fights of not the greatest of all time that was Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier and of course Eddie Arabia's paying a ton of money to bring this fight here I've heard anywhere from forty nine to sixty million. So wow this means a lot mike. What do you think is at stake for each of these guys? Let's start with Andy Ruiz. What's at stake for him? Everything if if he loses you know people are GonNa say he was just it was a one hit wonder he was a fluke and he said that he really was really motivating him as he wants to shut up all the doubters I because he knows everyone's still doubting him but if he wins everyone's going to be become has become believer and I think he has a chance to be a real legitimate star. Two possibilities are analyst analyst him if he wins this fight and he gets cement himself as one of the biggest stars in the sport. And what about Anthony Joshua I mean again. This is a guy who was heralded by some as like the next Lennox Lewis in the next great heavyweight. He really needs to win. Because if you lose his people are going to just say that he was good as we thought he was. And where did you go from there. It's hard hard to go from selling out stadiums and making four million fifty million even sixty million with some people think he's making for this fight to me. He's still make a lot of money. He still be a big name but it wouldn't be the same again all right. Then Mike. What's your prediction? WHO's GonNa come out on top? I usually feel like I have a good grasp on. WHO's GonNa win even on imprompt plenty of times? Of course. This one's such a coin flip fight so many variables were fighting outdoors in the Middle East. But I'M GONNA go at Andy Res I just I think I don't think it was a fluke. I think he's GonNa prove that he is the real deal. Medi Has Anthony. Joshua was number and that an old axiom but styles make fights and I think his presser style l.. And it's ultra quick. Hands are the Elixir for Anthony. Joshua's power will mike. Thanks so much for joining us and keep enjoying that breakfast. Fred thank you so much. You can follow Mike Carpenters writing from Saudi Arabia about the release Joshua rematch at the Athletic Nick Dot Com and you can catch his podcast the pug and cop boxing show there as well. Here's some other stories. We're following at the lead football fans college and pro get ready for a big weekend. I it's championship weekend in college. Football and the matchup. Everyone will be talking thing about is the SEC championship game between second ranked Lsu and number for Georgia bulldogs need a win to remain in the college. Football playoff scenario off to other key matchups that are sure to shape the Final College Football playoff rankings are number five Utah facing number Thirteen Oregon in Friday's PAC twelve title game and number six Oklahoma and number seven Baylor squaring off for the big twelve championship on Saturday the final CFP rankings will be revealed on Sunday and in the NFL. There are three big matchups. Keep an eye on I. Lamar Jackson and the surging Ravens face stiff test against the surprising bills and at their top. Three Defense San Francisco and New Orleans will square off in a battle of ten and two teams and Tom Brady and the Patriots looked to get back on track against the Kansas City city chiefs and their high powered offense led by reigning. Mvp Pat Mahomes. If you like our show please give us a five star rating and tell your friends to subscribe. We're available on Apple. 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